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Getting to Know Ghosts is a Request players can complete in Pokemon Legends Arceus for the villager Ward. This Request is to learn what you can about Gastly by filling in it’s Pokedex page. To help you complete this quest use HTR’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Getting to Know Ghosts guide below.

Request 64 Notes

Request ByWard (Canala Avenue).
Description“A villager named Ward claims his son Conlan is afraid of ghosts. To help him overcome his fear, Ward has asked you to show him Gastly’s completed Pokedex page.
ObjectiveShow Ward the completed Pokedex entry for Gastly.
RewardLinking Cord.

Where to Start Getting to Know Ghosts (Request 64)

You will encounter Ward standing outside his home along Canala Avenue. When the Request is available approach him and speak to him. Ward tells you he wants to help his son overcome his fear in Gastly. This starts Request 64.

How to Fill in Gastly Pokedex Entry

Image showing the Gastly habitats in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Where to find Gastly.

To fill in the Gastly Pokedex entry you need to complete a variety of Research Tasks associated with this Pokemon. The easiest method I’ve found is to go to the Crimson Mirelands at night in the named area of Golden Lowlands. Here you will find Gastlys roaming around. Do the following to fill the Pokedex entry:

  • Catch.
  • Catch at night.
  • Defeat.
  • Defeat with Ghost-type moves.
  • See use Astonish.
  • Scare off with Scatter Bang.
  • Evolve.

Reach Research Level 10 then go back to Ward. Show Ward the completed Gastly Pokedex page to complete Request. You get the Linking Cord for completing the Request.

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