Fancy Fashionable Wormadam (Request 63) – Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide

Fancy Fashionable Wormadam is a Request players can complete in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This Request comes from the Jubilife Village Clothier, Anthe. She wants you to bring her a Pokemon named Wormadam so she can use it to expand the clothier’s store lineup. To complete this Request use HTR’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Fancy Fashionable Wormadam guide below.

Request 63

Request ByAnthe (Clothier).
Description“The clothier Anthe wants you to show her a Wormadam, hoping the sight will inspire her to come up with some new clothing designs.”
ObjectiveCatch a Wormadam.
RewardNew items added to the clothier’s lineup.

Where to Start Fancy Fashionable Wormadam

Image showing Anthe in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Anthe giving Fancy Fashionable Wormadam.

If you’ve been completing the Request from Anthe you will unlock this Request when you advance the main storyline to the Coronet Highlands. At this point Anther will Request that you catch her a Wormadam Pokemon so she can use it as inspiration for her next line of clothing.

Where to Catch Wormadam

Image showing the habitats of Wormadam.
Named locations to look for Wormadam.

Now that we know the request it’s time to fullfill it. Wormadam can be found across a number of named locations in the Obsidian Fieldlands, Coronet Highlands, Cobalt Coastlands, and Crimson Mirelands. Go to any of these locations and look for shaking berry trees. Throw a Pokemon at the tree and hop a Wormadam appears. Catch the Wormadam when it does.

Take the Wormadam you catch and go back to Anthe in the Jubilife Village. Show the Wormadam to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene the Request will be complete. You receive the reward of being able to purchase new clothing items from Anthe.

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