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In Pokemon Legends Arceus Request 36 is called Watering with Care. This Request comes from a villager named Odo who is worried about a Sudowoodo. He wants you to help him deal with this under-the-weather Pokemon. To help you complete this Request HTR has put together the Pokemon Legends Arceus Watering with Care guide below.

Request 36 Notes

RequestOdo (via Request Board) after you catch a Sudowoodo.
Description“A villager named Odo is worried about Sudowoodo that seems to be under the weather. He wants your advice on what to do.”
ObjectiveUse Water Pulse on Sudowoodo.
RewardsHeavy Ball x15; Exp. Candy S x3.

Where to Start Watering with Care (Request 36)

To initiate this request, you must first capture a Sudowoodo (located in the Crimson Mirelands – Cloudpool Ridge). Once you’ve caught this Pokemon make your way to the Team Galaxy Hall and visit the professor’s lab. Interact with the Request Board to receive Request 36. Leave the lab and go to the Crimson Mireland’s Bogbound Camp. Speak to Odo there to start the Request.

Show a Pokemon that can Use Water Pulse To Odo

To complete Request 36 for Odo you need to bring him a Pokemon that can use Water Pulse. There are a number of Water-type Pokemon that can use this move including the following:

  • Mantyke.
  • Qwilfish.
  • Shellos.
  • Finneon.
  • Octillery.
  • Psyduck.
  • Spheal.
  • Buizel.
  • Golduck.

Snag a Water-type Pokemon then show Odo it. This triggers a cutscene where your Pokemon sprays the Sudowoodo, reinvigorating it. This then triggers a fight with the Pokemon. Defeat Sudowoodo to complete the Request and receive your reward.

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