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Setting Up the Mountain Camp is Request 65 in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This Request is found in the Coronet Highlands map in the Lonely Springs area. When you reach this area speak to Eshim to start the Request to setup the Mountain Camp. Use our Pokemon Legends Arceus Setting Up the Mountain Camp guide.

Request 65 Notes

Request ByEshim (Lonely Springs).
Description“A Bronzor is getting in the way of a new base camp’s construction and seems to want to tell you something. Eshim has asked you to investigate.”
ObjectiveHelp Bronzor get what it wants.
RewardA new base camp.

Where to Start Setting Up the Mountain Camp (Request 65)

You can start this Request once you’ve reached the Coronet Highlands. Make your way to the named area called the Lonely Springs. In this area you will meet a villager named Eshim. Speak to Eshim to learn about the nearby Bronzor. After you talk to Eshim walk over to Bronzor.

What does the Bronzor Want

Interact with the Bronzor and a cutscene plays. The Bronzor looks across the river and sees another Bronzor on the other side. To complete the Request go to the other side of the river. Clear out the Pokemon around the Bronzor then interact with it. When you interact with the Bronzor a cutscene plays and the other Bronzor comes over. After the Bronzor Eshim comes over as well. Eshim heals the Bronzor and the Request ends.

After the Request ends you will gain access to a new base. You can fast travel to this camp at anytime and use its various services without having to go to the start.

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