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When you reach Five Star Rank in Team Galaxy, you unlock a special Request. This special Request tasks you with solving a special puzzle. As the name of the Request suggests, you are hunting a legendary Pokemon. To help you complete this Request HTR put together a Pokemon Legends Arceus The Sea’s Legend guide.

Requested ByLaventon (via Request Board)
Description“The Pokemon that Professor Laventon saw in the ocean might be connected to the Pokemon that appears in “The Sea’s Legend”…”
ObjectiveSolve the mystery of “The Sea’s Legend,” and catch the Pokemon that Professor Laventon saw.
RewardComet Shard x3

Where to Start The Sea’s Legend

Reach the fifth star rank in Team Galaxy. Once you hit this rank go to Professor Laventon’s lab in the Team Galaxy Hall. Interact with the Request Board and select The Sea’s Legend. This will trigger a cutscene with the professor. After the cutscene it is up to you to figure out how to solve the legend.

How to Solve The Sea’s Legend

Image showing where to surf to solve The Sea's Legend.

To complete this Request you need to solve a puzzle in the Cobalt Coastlands. At the Cobalt Coastlands you need to ensure you have the following Pokemon in your party: Mantyke, Buizel and Overqwil. Equip all three in your party and ensure your time is set to evening.

Once you’ve done the above steps go to the named area of Sand’s Reach. In this area there are two pillars in the water to the northeast. Surf your way through them to trigger an event in which you head a boulder shifting in the distance. Surf across the map to the now opened Seaside Hollow and go inside.

Catch the Legendary Pokemon Manaphy

Image showing the Legendary Pokemon Manaphy in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Legendary Pokemon Manaphy.

Inside the Seaside Hollow you will encounter three Phiones and a Manaphy. The Manaphy is a Legendary Pokemon. Fight the Pokemon and catch the Manaphy for the Request for the Professor.

Take the Manaphy you caught and go back to one of the areas base camps. Speak to Professor Laventon to show him the Pokemon you caught. This complete Request 66. You will receive your rewards after speaking with the Professor.

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