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When you reach the main story mission 12 in Pokemon Legends Arceus you have to reach the top of the Snowpoint Temple. This sounds like an easy enough things to do, but there is a puzzle you must complete before you can reach the top. This puzzle tasks you with pushing panels in a correct sequence. To learn this sequence see HTR’s Snowpoint Temple Statue puzzle solutions guide below.

Door Solution 1: 3 Panels

The first door you encounter is the first puzzle you need to solve. This puzzle features three panels you can press. The panels are Rock, Ice, Steel. To solve this puzzle press the panels as follows:

  1. Rock.
  2. Steel.
  3. Ice.

This sequence is taken from the statues lining the hallway. When inputted the door will open and you will be able to enter the next room featuring more statues.

Door Solution 2: 5 Panels

Make your way through the next room to the next set of panels. This panel sequence is longer as you need to input five panel presses with some repetition. The correct sequence is:

  1. Ice.
  2. Rock.
  3. Steel.
  4. Rock.
  5. Ice.

When you input this sequence the door will open leading you into the next room. This last room has a long puzzle you need to complete much like this one.

Door Solution 3: 6 Panels

The final room is a room filled with six statues. The statues are in a line you must follow to learn the correct input sequence. Thankfully I wrote it down for you. Push the panels as follows:

  1. Steel.
  2. Ice.
  3. Rock.
  4. Ice.
  5. Steel.
  6. Rock.

Once you input this sequence the door opens. From here all you need to do is go up until you reach a room that has Sabi inside it. Sabit speaks to you when you approach her. This interaction unlocks flying with Braviary.

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