How to Evolve Kadabra in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Kadabra is one of the Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus that can be evolved by trading with another trainer. This makes things a bit more complicated if you play solo. Thankfully there is a few methods players can use to get Alakazam in the game. To learn how to evolve Kadabra in Pokemon Legends Arceus see our guide below.

Solo Method: Use the Linking Cord

To evolve Kadabra you need to acquire a special item called the Linking Cord. This item comes from Simona, the Trading Post proprietor. Speak to Simona in Jubilife Village and ask to purchase an item. Select the Linking Cord and by it for 1,000 Merit Points.

Once you have the Linking Cord give it to Kadabra. When this item is held by Kadabra you can evolve it into Alakazam, it’s final evolution form. This uses the Linking Cord up, so keep that in mind before you use it.

Multiplayer Method: Trade Between a Friend

The solo method is a nod to the classic method of evolution triggered by trading. This method is still in the game, but does require the involvement of a second player. You can access trading also through Simona. Speak to her and select the I want to trade Pokemon option. This allows you to trade locally or via the internet. Trade your Kadabra to someone you know to trigger its evolution, then have them send it back.

If you are looking to potentially trade drop a comment below. There may be some people who want to make a trade with you for a Kadabra. Always remember, though, that this is the internet and not everyone is nice.

Thoughts on our how to evolve Kadabara in Pokemon Legends Arceus guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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