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At the end of Pokemon Legends Arceus you must complete three trials. One of these trials is at the Lake of Acuity. This trials involves facing an alpha Pokemon then answers a set of questions from Uxie. These questions revolve around the number of eyes certain Pokemon have. To help you here’s the How Many Eyes answer in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

How many Eyes Do the Pokemon Have Riddle Answer

Uxie asks you a strange question. It asks you how many eyes a Combee, Zubat, Unown, Magnemite, and Dusclops each have. While you think you need to answer each question separately, you actually need to give one big number. The answers to each are:

  • Combee – 6.
  • Zubat – 0.
  • Unown – 1.
  • Magnemite – 3.
  • Dusclops – 1.

Now that we know that we need to put the numbers together in the right sequence. The answer Uxie is looking for is 60131. When prompted, input this number using the number pad that appears on screen. Uxie accepts this answer and gives you the Uxie’s Claw.

This ends one of the trials you must complete in order to beat the game. There are three trials total you must complete before you can face off against Sinnoh.

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