Fortnite Mobile is Making Epic Games a Lot of Money

Fortnite Mobile is making Epic Games a lot of money

Not long ago, Epic Games announced that they were bringing Fortnite Battle Royale to mobile users. This announcement came with word that an iOS invite only event would be held to get players on board. Now, with Fortnite Mobile going full access for anyone with an iOS device, we’ve learned that the app is making Epic Games a lot of money.

Fortnite Mobile Reveal Trailer

The folks over at Sensor Tower have put together an interesting post about Fortnite Mobile’s revenue explosion during March. In the post, Sensor Tower highlights a number of interesting numbers that Fortnite Mobile has reached during its first month on the iOS App store. Below are some of the mind blowing numbers they found.

  • After lifting the invite requirement, player expenditure increased 197%  to more than $1.8 million per day. This is approximately three times the previous daily average.
  • Fortnite Mobile has surpassed $15 million gross since it launched on mobile.
  • Global installs of the game are at 11 million+.
  • Fortnite Mobile is beating established mobile games like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans in Player Spend in the U.S.

Given the numbers above, it is safe to say that the decision by Epic Games to put Fortnite on mobile has been a good one so far. With only a fraction of the market being tapped (since the game is only on iOS devices currently), Fortnite Mobile is already generating a sizeable revenue stream. Add the game’s inevitable arrival on Google Play in the near future, and you have a huge chunk of Mobile revenue up for grabs for Epic’s smash hit.

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