Fortnite Mobile Reveal Trailer Released, First Look At Game on Mobile

Epic Games recently announced that Fornite Mobile, a mobile version of their popular Fortnite game is coming soon. Alongside the announcement, Epic Games released a Fortnite Mobile reveal trailer which showed off the game running on smartphones. Take a peek at the trailer below.

Fortnite Mobile Revealer Trailer

The Fortnite Mobile reveal trailer features the game’s Fortnite Battle Royale mode running on a number of handheld devices. This trailer also gives us the first footage of what to expect from the mobile version of the game. As you can see, the game looks like slightly downgraded version of what you’d expect on consoles/PC. With that said, the game still looks like it runs fairly well.

Fortnite Mobile is currently open for registrants on iOS, and will be coming to Android at a later date.

Fortnite Battle Royale is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. 

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