Everything in the Seliana Fun Fright Fest – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

In honor of the spooky Halloween season Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is holding a seasonal event called the Seliana Fun Fright Fest. This festival features a number of bonuses for players who play the game between October 15-November 5. To help you keep track of all the bonuses you can get in this new event use our everything in the Seliana Fun Fright Fest guide below.


Fun Fright Fest Special Daily Login Bonuses

Each day you login during the Seliana Fun Fright Fest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne you will be awarded the following items as your Login Bonus:

  • 1x Fun Fright Ticket: Can be turned into the workshop for the Halloween seasonal event armor set.
  • Snowman: Festive item which can be used during hunts.
  • 2x Lucky Vouchers

These bonuses are earned every time you login to a new day for the first time. You can carry a stack of them, so don’t worry if you don’t spend them all right away

Fun Fright Fest New Handler & Poogie Costumes

Image showing the Handler outfit during the Seliana Fun Fright Fest event.

When you go to Seliana for the first time after downloading the Fun Fright Fest update you will notice that your Handler and Poogie both look a bit different. Both NPCs are dressed for the occasion with Halloween themed costumes. The Handler has on a sort of Halloween devil outfit you can see above. Note if you have the Serious Handler you will not see the outfit as she states dressing up is not her thing.

Image showing the Poogie costume during the Seliana Fun Fright Fest.

As for the Poogie you will find it in a special outfit specific to this seasonal event as well. Your Poogie has on a ghost costume that makes it into an ethereal piggie. If you wish to change Poogie’s costume at any time simply interact with it and select the Change Clothes option.

Old Events and New Are Available For A Limited Time

There have been a number of events which have occurred since Monster Hunter World dropped two years ago. Most of these events were on a short timer, meaning you probably missed a few. While the Fun Fright Fest runs, you will be able to access all previous Events that have occurred in Monster Hunter World. This means you will be able to get the Aloy gear, Street Fighter gear, or other special event equipment you may have missed. Some interesting quests you can complete are found below.

New Events

Besides the above listed old quests there are a few new quest additions available during the Halloween event. These quests reward players with material that can be used to create new armor and layered armor.

  • Tears From Nirvana: Skull Scarf Layered Armor.
  • Mighty Muscle Monkey Madness: Buff Body Y+ Layered Armor.
  • A Farewell to Zingore: Giant Dragon Vein Coal.

New Event Armor Sets: Demonlord Alpha + and Palico Frankie Set

There are a couple of new event armor sets available for both your hunter and Palico. These armor sets are all themed around the Fun Fright Fest event. Both the hunter and Palico sets come in Low and High Rank varieties. The new Fun Fright Fest sets available are as follows:

Demonlord Alpha+ Armor Set Recipe

Image showing the female Demonlord Alpha+ Armor Set.

  • Hair: 1x Fun Fright Ticket, 1x Pure Dragon Blood, 1x Shadowpierce Fang.
  • Cloak: 1x Fun Fright Ticket, 1x Pure Dragon Blood, 1x Deathweaver Membrane.
  • Blackarm: 1x Fun Fright Ticket, 1x Pure Dragon Blood, 1x Deathweaver Membrane..
  • Belt: 1x Fun Fright Ticket, 1x Large Elder Dragon Bone, 1x Deceased Shard.
  • Boots: 1x Fun Fright Ticket, 1x Large Elder Dragon Bone, 1x Deceased Shard.

Set Skill Info: 5 Fun Fright’s Gratitude; 3 Fun Fright’s Gift.

To get the Layered Armor version of the set you need to collect VIP Fun Fright Tickets. These tickets are given as Low Level Hunter Rewards or Special Rewards from Master Rank Quests and Expeditions. You can also wear the Demonlord Set to use its set bonuses to increase your chances of getting VIP Fun Fright Fest Tickets. It takes 25x VIP Fun Fright Fest Tickets to make the Layered Armor.

Palico Frankie Set Alpha+ Recipe

Image showing the Palico Frankie Set Alpha+.

  • Steel Ball: 1x Fun Fright Ticket, 1x Dragonbone Artifact.
  • Head: 1x Fun Fright Ticket, 1x Dragonbone Artifact.
  • Body: 1x Fun Fright Ticket, 1x Dragonbone Artifact.

New Guild Card Background, Pose, and Titles for Fun Fright Fest

Image showing the New Guild Card Background, Pose, and Titles for Fun Fright Fest.

Like every new event there are a number of new editions for your Guild Card. These additions include the likes of a new Background, Pose, and Titles. The new card items are:

Background: Blood Moon Night.

Pose: In the Darkness.

Titles: Costume, Fun Fright, Dead of Night, Full Moon, Chilly.

To access any of the above mentioned Guild Card items navigate to your Guild Card and select Edit to be taken to the Guild Card screen. From this screen you can change any of the items listed above.

New Room Decorations

Alongside the additions above you will also find a number of new room decoration items available to use in Seliana. These room customizations include the following:

  • Fun Fright Cloth.

When you enter your Room speak to your Housekeeper to access the Room Customization options. From this selection you will be able to access the items listed above if you so desire.

Vendor Sales During Fun Fright Fest

During the Fun Fright Fest, you will find the vendors will sell items at a discount. This means you can stock up on things like the Large Barrel Bombs for cheap. Items for sale are denoted by the medal to the right of them on the buy screen (pretty much all items are on sale). You will also notice that vendors like the Botanical Research Center and the Elder Melder are also offering items for lower prices.

The Gathering Hub is Decorated for the Fun Fright Fest

Image showing the Seliana Fun Fright Fest Gathering Hub.

The last part of the Fun Fright Fest I will highlight is that the Gathering Hub has been decorated for the occasion. The room is very festive and boasts a number of costumed palicos and ladies. Each palico and lady is dressed in a style that matches the theme of the event which is a tropical beach vibe. Alongside the Gathering Hub decorations there is also an event specific platter called the Fun Fright Platter which you can purchase from the Canteen.

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