How to Get the Mega Man Palico Set – Monster Hunter World

How to Get the Mega Man Palico Set

Monster Hunter World is currently hosting its Spring Blossom Event and with it has come a number of new items for hunters to unlock. One of the new items which has been added to Monster Hunter World is the Mega Man Palico equipment set. This set turns your Palico into a little Mega Man! Below you will find out how to get the Mega Man Palico set!

Complete Event “A Rush of Blood”

The A Rush of Blood Event as listed in the Event list.

You need to complete the A Rush of Blood event to access the new Palico set.

To unlock the Palic gear, you first need to complete the event called “A Rush of Blood.” This 7* event sends you to the arena to hunt two Odogarons. The interesting thing about this event is that one of the Odogaron is small, while the other Odogaron is normal sized. While fighting the Odogaron the battle music is replaced with Mega Man music which is pretty fun.

The A Rush of Blood event has you squaring off with two Odogarons.

During the A Rush of Blood event, you will square off with two Odogarons. One of the Odogarons is small, while the other is normal size. Good luck!

A Rush of Blood Event Tips

  • Before you enter the Arena, be sure you’re well supplied with Astera Jerky to make the event a whole lot easier to complete.
  • Fight each Odogaron by itself (if you want an easier fight). I fought the small Odogaron first as it is close to the entrance.
  • Party Up. There are a ton of people playing this quest right now.
  • Be sure to carve each Odogaron. Don’t waste the materials!
  • This fight is an easy Miniature Crown Achievement.

Getting the Mega Man Palico Set

The Mega Man Palico set makes your Palico look exactly like the beloved Capcom character.

Once you’ve completed A Rush of Blood, you will be rewarded with Odogaron materials, as well as a Mega Man Ticket. With the Mega Man Ticket in hand, make your way to the Smithy in Astera. At the Smithy, select the Forge Palico Equipment option and then select Full Armor Sets. In order to create the set, you need to collect 3 Mega Man Tickets; to create the Mega Buster you need 2 Mega Man Tickets. Farm the A Rush of Blood event until you have enough and add the Mega Man set to your collection.

Mega Man Set Required Materials

  • Weapon – Mega Buster: 2x Mega Man Ticket
  • Mega Man Set: 3x Mega Man Ticket
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