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The Sizzlin Spice event is a seasonal event players can take part in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne during the summer months. This event is tropical themed and features a number of new items for players to unlock. One item players can unlock during this seasonal event can be earned by completing the Camoflawed event. Read our Camoflawed guide below to complete this event.

Camoflawed Event Information

The Camoflawed event is a limited time event players can complete during the Sizzling Spice Event. To play this event access Bounty Board > Master Rank > Events.

  • Quest Objective: Hunt a Rathian.
  • Conditions: MR 3 or Higher.
  • Failure Conditions: 50 minutes or Faint 3 Times.
  • Location: Ancient Forest.
  • Reward Money: 18000 z.

Completing this event earns you a special material reward called which unlocks a special layered armor. To get the armor piece you only need to complete this event one time.

Hunt a Rathian

Image showing hunting a Rathian in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Pretty standard quest objective here. When you get to the Ancient Forest your target is the Rathian dragon. At this point you should be fairly comfortable fighting this dragon since you would’ve fought it multiple times up to this point. If you need some help with the fight regardless check our Rathian page here.

When you defeat Rathian during this hunt you will be rewarded with a number of items including the Herbivore Ticket II. This item is used to create the layered armor Faux Aptonoth head at the smithy.

Faux Aptonoth Layered Armor

Image showing the Faux Aptonoth Layered Armor in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

The Herbivore Ticket II you earn during this event allows you to create the Faux Aptonoth layered head. This piece of layered armor can be made with at the smithy with the following:

  • Herbivore Ticket II.
  • 1x Purecrystal.
  • 500 pts.

This layered helmet looks like a Aptonoth head when it is equipped. This goes along nicely with the other monster heads currently in the game. What do you think? Do you like the Aptonoth layered armor? Let me know in the comments below.

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