Elden Ring Soldjars of Fortune Ashes Guide

There a few very meme-y summons that players can find in Elden Ring. These summons are unique in how they help on the battlefield and in their design. One of these meme-y summons is the puntastic Soldjars of Fortune. As the name suggests theses ashes, when used, summon jars to fight for you. Learn more about the summons in our Elden Ring Soldjars of Fortune Ashes guide below.

Where to Find the Soldjars of Fortune Ashes

Image showing the map location of the Auriza Side Tomb in Elden Ring where you get the Soldjars of War summons.
This Ashe of War is located in the Auriza Side Tomb.

To get the ashes for yourself you need to complete a dungeon. The dungeon you must complete is called the Auriza Side Tomb. The Auriza Side Tomb is located in the Outskirts of the Capital in Altus Plateau. This dungeon is accessed through a pathway found in southeast corner of the Outer Moat.

Once you reach the dungeon you go through it and open the boss door. Fight the boss named Grave Warden Dualist. This boss starts the fight with five jars around him. Defeat the boss and he will drop the Soldjars of Fortune Ashes.

Soldjars of Fortune Ashes Details

Image showing the Elden Ring Soldjars of Fortune item description.
The Soldjars description.

Description: “Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell. Use to summon the spirits of three little living jars. Summoning consumes HP rather than FP. These reckless spirits sacrifice themselves to vanquish their summoner’s foes and explode upon death. Though their bravery is admirable, their explosions can harm friend as well as foe, and they will also immediately explode on contact with fire. Tell the others-tell them ho brightly a fire jar burns.

The Soldjars of Fortune are a trio of jars you can summon. This summon uses HP instead of FP, making it useful for all types of builds. When you summon the jars they slowly walk towards the enemy target. When they reach the target they explode.

Like other summons in the game they can be upgraded via Roderika at the Roundtable Hold. The upgrade materials for this Grave Glovewort. They can be upgraded to +10 for maximum effect.

The summons themselves are fairly useless, but the lore and puntastic name makes them a fun item to have in Elden Ring. Using the guide above you will have easily acquired the summon for yourself. So have fun using them.

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