Elden Ring Roderika Questline Guide

One of the first NPCs players can meet in Elden Ring is Roderika. This NPC serves a very important purpose as a spirit tuner who can upgrade your Ashes summons. This NPC has a questline associated with them in the game. To complete the Elden Ring Roderika questline use HTR’s guide below.

Important: Roderika will appear in the Roundtable Stronghold if you advance past the Stormveil Castle portion of the game. This happens by going to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace early or beating Godrick before interacting with her in Stormhill Shack.

Where to Find Roderika (Location 1)

You can encounter Roderika at the named location called Stormhill Shack. This location is just off east off the path leading up to Stormveil Castle. When you reach this location you will find Roderika inside. Exhaust her dialogue to get the Sitting Sideways pose and the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.

During you conversation Roderika will asks you to pass a message onto the the Chrystalids in the castle. This is a hint to her quest. Basically she wants you tin find the Chrystalids’ Memento in Stormveil Castle’s Rampart Tower.

Where to Find Chrystalids’ Memento

The Chrystalid’s Memento can be found in the Rampart Tower in Stormveil Castle. This location is easily accessible by taking the cliffside path instead of the front gate. Along this path you will reach the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. From here go forward until you encounter a grafted scion enemy in the grand hall. In the southwest corner of this room there is an entrance. Go through this entrance into the next room to find the Chrystalid’s Memento on a pile of corpses surrounded by dog enemies.

Once you have the Chrystalid’s Memento go back to Roderika. Speak to her and give her the item. She will thank you for finding the item for her and will head off to the Roundtable Hold.

Where to Find Roderika (Location 2)

Image showing Roderika in the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring.

Regardless of whether or not you speak to or get the item for Roderika she will go to the Roundtable Hold eventually. At this location you will find her next to the fireplace. Speak to her here to get a Golden Seed (if you got the item for her). If you didn’t get the item go back to the Stormhill Shack and it will be where she was.

From here the next part of the quest is fairly simple. Speak to the blacksmith Smithing Master Hewg and you will see a “About Roderika” dialogue option. Select this option then tell Roderika about what the blacksmith said. Go back to Hewg and ask him to look over Roderika and tell him that’s what she want. Sit at the Table of Lost Grace to reload the area and Roderika will move. She is now in the hallway with the blacksmith.

At her new location Roderika will offer Spirit Tuning. This allows players to level up their summons using materials. The maximum level of a summon is +10.

Once Roderika is a Spirit Tuner you can get her Crimson Hood by revisiting the corpse pile in the Tower Rampart. It is sitting on the pile where you found the Chrystalids’ Memento.

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