Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Domain of Dragons Painting

The Domain of Dragons painting in Elden Ring.

The Domain of Dragons painting in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is a unique item found in the Shadow Keep. It depicts a location within the Realm of Shadow, painted by a dying artist. Discovering the exact spot where the painting was created grants you a valuable reward. Use our Domain of Dragons solution guide below to locate the painting and solve its puzzle.

Where to Find the Domain of Dragons Painting in Elden Ring

To find the Domain of Dragons painting in the Shadow Keep, start at the Main Gate Plaza Site of Grace. From there, head northwest and follow the path up along the outside of the castle. At the top, enter the dinner hall and exit through the door to the left of the archer enemy.

On the ramparts run directly southeast until you see a body next to a ladder with the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot on it. Descend this ladder and walk around the corner beneath the flowing water. You’ll find a second ladder. Climb down and run to the end of the hallway to reach a room containing the Domain of Dragons painting.

In the room, approach the painting and interact with it when prompted. This action adds the “Domain of Dragons” painting to the Info section of your inventory. The painting’s description reads as follows:

Work of a wandering artist. Reminiscence of a painting titled “Domain of Dragons.” This painter is said to have captured the landscapes seen during the last moments of those welcomed into death’s embrace. The soul of the painter, and vestiges of the dead’s last moments can be discovered by visiting the location depicted even now.

“Domain of Dragons” Painting Description

What is the Domain of Dragons Painting Location in Elden Ring

To find the painter’s location for the Domain of Dragons painting, travel to the Jagged Peak Mountainside. Start at the Jagged Peak Mountainside Site of Grace. If you don’t know how to reach this location see this useful video guide.

From there, head southwest up the mountain, following the path. Continue along this path until you reach the location marked on the map above. Here, you’ll find the painter. Wait for the painter to disappear, and the Rock Heart item will appear in his place. Pick it up to add it to your inventory.

This is just one of several painting puzzles available in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. For help with other painting puzzles, check out our additional painting guides to find the Incursion painter and the The Sacred Tower painter.

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