Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree The Sacred Tower Painting

The Sacred Tower painting in Elden Ring.

The Sacred Tower painting in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is a special artwork found in the Realm of Shadow. It depicts a specific location in the game world. To solve this painting puzzle, players must find the exact spot where the painter created it. For an easy walkthrough, refer to our Sacred Tower painting guide below.

Important: You must defeat Messmer and burn the tree to solve this painting and obtain the reward. Doing so lifts the curse around Enir-Ilim, revealing the building depicted in the painting, which is essential for locating the painter.

Where to Find The Sacred Tower Painting in Elden Ring

Map location of The Sacred Tower painting.
The map location of the cave containing The Sacred Tower painting.

To find The Sacred Tower painting, visit a small cave in the Gravesite Plain area. This cave is located to the northeast of the Scorched Ruins, along the cliffside. The exact location is shown on the map above.

Once you reach the cave, enter it and approach the painting inside. Interact with it when prompted to receive “The Sacred Tower” painting, which can be viewed in the Info section of your inventory. The painting’s description reads as follows:

Work of a wandering artist. Reminiscence of a painting titled “The Sacred Tower.” This painter is said to have captured the landscapes seen during the last moments of those welcomed into death’s embrace. The soul of the painter, and vestiges of the dead’s last moments can be discovered by visiting the location depicted even now.

“The Sacred Tower” Painting Description

What is the The Sacred Tower Painting Location in Elden Ring

To solve The Sacred Tower painting puzzle, go to the Rauh Base area, specifically the raised mountain directly to the east of the Temple Town Ruins.

At the mountain you need to make your way to the top. To do this go to the north side of this mountain, unlock the Spiritspring. Use it to jump up, then use the next Spiritspring to reach the top.

On top, head to the southern edge. Look for two jutting rocks along the cliffside. The painter will appear at this spot, facing west towards Enir-Ilim, and then disappear. When he vanishes, he leaves behind the Spiraltree Seal item for players to pick up as a reward.

This is just one of several painting puzzles available in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. For help with other painting puzzles, check out our additional painting guides to find the Incursion painter and the Domain of Dragons painter.

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