Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Incursion Painting

The Incursion Painting in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

The Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Incursion painting is a collectible found in the Artist’s Shack. Similar to the base game, players can locate the scene depicted in the painting within the world to earn a reward. To assist you in solving the Incursion painting puzzle, here’s our guide to help you find the painter’s last location and claim your prize.

Where to Find the Incursion Painting in Elden Ring

To find the Incursion painting players need to visit the Artist’s Shack in the Gravesite Plain area. The shack is located on a cliffside above the Gravesite Plain Site of Grace, making it somewhat challenging to reach.

Map path to the Artist's Shack.
Follow the red path marked above to reach the Artist’s Shack where the painting is located.

Instead of heading directly there, you’ll need to follow a longer path. Start at the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace and head west. Follow the cliffside path to reach the Cliffroad Terminus Site of Grace. From there, travel southeast to reach the Artist’s Shack.

At the Artist’s Shack, enter the main room where you’ll find a large painting. Approach it and interact when prompted to add the “Incursion” painting to the Info section of your inventory where you can view it whenever you’d like and read its description:

Work of a wandering artist. Reminiscence of a painting titled “Incursion.” This painter is said to have captured the landscapes seen during the last moments of those welcomed into death’s embrace. The soul of the painter, and vestiges of the dead’s last moments can be discovered by visiting the location depicted even now.

“Incursion” Painting Description

What is the Incursion Painting Location in Elden Ring

To solve the Incursion Painting puzzle, you need to find where the painter painted real-world location depicted in the painting. To find the painter’s location head to the north end of the Gravesite Plains. From the Greatbridge, North Site of Grace, go west through the swamp where you can find the Great Katana and a dragon.

Proceed through the swamp to the rocky area on the other side. Navigate to the location marked on the map, where you’ll find the ghostly painter looking out at the location shown in the painting. Stand next to him until he disappears, leaving behind an item. Collect this item to acquire the Serpent Crest Shield.

This is just one of several painting puzzles available in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. For help with other painting puzzles, check out our additional painting guides to find the locations of the Domain of Dragons painter and The Sacred Tower painter.

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