Elden Ring Artist’s Shack Painting Guide

In the different areas in Elden Ring there are Artist’s Shack players can find. Inside these shacks are paintings the player can interact with. Interacting with the paintings adds them to your inventory and it starts fun little side missions to find the locations shown in the painted works. To help you complete these painting side mission use our Elden Ring Artist’s Shack painting guide below.

Where to Find the Artist’s Shack in Limgrave

Image showing the map location of the Artist's Shack in Elden Ring.

The first Artist’s Shack is located inside the Limgrave area near the river that runs through it. The exact location is shown on the map above. Go to this location and grab the Site of Grace there. Once you have the Site of Grace unlocked head inside the shack and approach the painting inside. Interact with it to add it to you inventory. Open your inventory and look at the painting. It shows you a location you need to visit in Limgrave.

“Homing Instinct” Painting Location

To get at the reward from the artist you need to find the location shown on the painting. Thankfully for you, I’ve found it already. The painting location is east of the Stranded Graveyard. Go to the marker shown on the map above and you will find the artist painting his final picture. After he dies pick up the item he leaves behind to get the Incantation Scarab helmet.

Incantation Scarab Helmet

Image showing the Incantation Scarab helmet in Elden Ring.

The Incantation Scarab helmet is the reward you get from the artist. This helmet can be equipped on your head. It is a large yellow scarab. The helmet has the following description in-game:

Golden scarab worn directly on the head. These Scarabs roll clumps of incantations during their labors. Slightly reduces the FP costs of incantations, but increase damage taken. As a scarab approaches death, it abandons its rolled treasure and stretches its wing side for the long journey to its home nest.

Where to Find the Artist’s Shack in Liurnia

The second artist’s shack can be found in Liurnia on the east side of the area. Go to the map location shown above and interact with the painting inside to get the “Resurrection” painting. This painting shows a view of a castle from a graveyard.

“Resurrection” Painting Location

To find the ghost of the painter that made the Resurrection painting you need to make your way to the southeast of the Caria Manor in the far north section of Liurnia. In this area you will find a graveyard. Head to the map marking shown above to find the painters exact location. Wait a few seconds then pick up the items he leaves for you: Juvenile Scholar set and the Larval Tear.

That’s everything you need to know about the Artist’s Shack painting side quest in Elden Ring. This is just one of many side quests you will stumble upon as you complete the game. Check HTR for more guides.

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