Egg Hunt Guide – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

During the Ostara Festival in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players can complete a number of special side missions. One of these special side missions is given to you by Alwin. This side mission tasks you with collecting 15 Eggs that are hidden throughout Ravensthorpe. To help you complete this side mission use our Egg Hunt guide below.

All 15 Egg Hunt Locations

To help you find all 15 of the hidden eggs in the Ostara Festival I’m going to suggest you watch the video above. This guide by No-Nonsense Guides does a very good job of showing you the exact locations of each of the 15 eggs you need to find. If reading is more of your speed here’s a quick text guide:

  1. Next to Norvid in his stall.
  2. By the throne Mayda sits on during The May Queen.
  3. Scaffolding overlooking brawl pit.
  4. On top of Alwin’s building.
  5. River bank beneath archery challenge bridge.
  6. Longhouse exterior (east-side).
  7. On rafters inside Longhouse.
  8. On ground in Longhouse (west-end).
  9. Tree outside Longhouse (west-side).
  10. By big Graveyard tree.
  11. Behind Blacksmith’s building.
  12. By Reda’s Tent.
  13. On main dock.
  14. Next to base of waterfall by Seer’s Hut.
  15. Top of column at Museum.

Once you’ve collected all of the eggs listed above you need to make your way back to Alwin. Give the eggs to Alwin to complete the quest. For your efforts you receive XP, 140 Festival Tokens, and unlock Alwin as a possible opponent in the brawl mini-game.

This is just one of multiple side quests players can complete during the Ostara Festival. The other side quests also reward you with Festival Tokens that can be used to purchase festival items. For more help with these quests see our main Ostara Festival guide.

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