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The May Queen is a special quest players can complete in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla during the Ostara Festival. This quest is started by speaking to the character named Mayda in the festival area of Raventhorpe. When you speak to this character you will learn the May Queen crown doesn’t fit and she wants a new one. Use our The May Queen guide below to complete this special festival quest.

How to Start The May Queen Quest

Note: Ensure you have the 1.2.0 Update installed for the festival to appear.

As mentioned above you can start The May Queen quest by speaking to Mayda in the festival area of your Settlement while the festival is running. The NPC is marked on your map in the west side of the festival area. Speak to her to receive the first quest step of the mission.

Where to Hunt the Beast

Image showing Where to Hunt the Beast in The May Queen quest.

Once you agree to help Mayda you will find a new quest marker on your map on the south end of Ledecestrescire. This marker is located just outside Venonis. Head to the marker on the map and use your Odin vision to begin to track the beast. You need to find the following clues:

  • Bear carcass.
  • Blood trail.
  • Farmer material.
  • Footprints.

All of the clues above can be found by heading west of the map marker. Use Odin vision to highlight them. At the end of the clue trail you will encounter a farmer on a rock. Speak to the farmer to make The Beast appear.

Defeat the Beast

Image showing The Beast in The May Queen quest in AC Valhalla.

The Beast turns out to be a very angry chicken. This chicken has a full health bar much like other bosses you face in the game. There is really nothing to this fight. The chicken will attack you, but it does very little damage. Defeat the chicken and then speak to the Farmer once again.

Once you’ve spoken to the farmer head back to your Settlement and speak to Mayda who is now sitting on a throne. During this cutscene you will tell her about the Beast you fought. You will then present the crown to her. This marks the end of the quest. For your efforts you will receive XP and 140 Festival Tokens.

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  1. Gerald Jorgensen says:

    Very little damage? The chicken takes me out in 2 hits and I can’t touch him

  2. Donald Garretson says:

    I found the farmer, but there is no interaction with him after investigating.
    Like World Events, the event is broken.

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