Devil May Cry 5 Mission 18 Collectible Location

The final mission with collectibles in Devil May Cry 5 is Mission 18. There is one collectible to be had during this mission. This post will show you the Mission 18 collectible location.

Important: The three enemies you need to kill spawn once per level playthrough. Keep this in mind so you don’t have to play the level over and over. I highly recommend saving your Devil form for after the Shadow fight.

Mission 18 Collectible – Blue Orb Fragment

The only collectible in this mission is a Blue Orb Fragment which can be found after fighting Shadow. Once Shadow runs away he will jump up a number of ledges to a higher area. Follow Shadows path and make your way up to the higher area above. In this area you will find there are three enemies which spawn. Kill them as quickly as possible (before they disappear) to have the Blue Orb Fragment appear.

That’s all the collectibles in this level (and the game for that matter). Thanks for reading along. Hope these guides helped you collect everything.

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