Devil May Cry 5 All Dante Weapons Locations

Cavaliere Location
The Cavaliere is a motorbike with twin blades on it.

When you reach Mission 10 of Devil May Cry 5, you will start playing as Dante. Dante wields an arsenal of weapons while taking out demons. To expand this arsenal you need to find other weapons throughout the world. This guide will show you all Dante weapons locations in DMC5.

Mission 10 – Devil Sword Sparda (Story Unlock)

Devil Sword Sparda
The Devil Sword Sparda unlocks at the end of Mission 10.

The first weapon you will unlock with Dante is the Devil Sword Sparda. This weapon unlocks at the end of Mission 10. There is nothing you need to do as it will be added to your equipment automatically.

Mission 11 – Kalina Ann & Cavaliere

There are two Dante weapons in Mission 11 of DMC 5. Here’s how to get each one.

Kalina Ann Location

The first weapon you can get is the Kalina Ann. This weapon is located inside the ruins you enter near the beginning of the mission. To reach this weapon destroy all three blood clots then double back to the entrance of the ruins. On the left side of the ruins there is a door that is now accessible. Go inside the room to find the Kalina Ann on the floor.

Cavaliere (Story Unlock)

Cavaliere Location
The Cavaliere is a motorbike with twin blades on it.

You get the Cavaliere upon completion of Mission 11. All you need to do is beat the mission and it will appear for you at the end screen. Have fun wielding a freakin’ motorbike with twin blades on it. If you pre ordered the game you will get access to the Cavaliere R when you unlock this weapon.

Mission 12 – Devil Sword Dante (Story Unlock)

Devil Sword Dante
The Devil Sword Dante unlocks at the end of Mission 12.

There is only one Dante weapon in Mission 12. The Devil Sword Dante unlocks by completing the mission. There is nothing else you need to do to get this weapon.

Mission 13 – Dr. Faust (Story Unlock)

Dr. Faust
The Dr. Faust unlocks before Mission 13.

This weapon unlocks at the start of Mission 13. There is no way to miss unlocking it.

Mission 16 – King Cerberus (Story Unlock)

King Cerberus
You unlock the King Cerberus at the end of Mission 16.

You will unlock the King Cerberus weapon during you story playthrough. The weapon unlocks at the end of Mission 16.

Mission 18 – Kalina Ann II & Double Kalina Ann (Story Unlocks)

Both of these weapons unlock after a cutscene before Mission 18. The only caveat here is that the Double Kalina Ann won’t unlock if you haven’t got the Kalina Ann from Mission 11.

That’s all of Dante’s unlockable weapons in Devil May Cry 5. If you want help finding other collectibles in the game, check out our Devil May Cry collectibles guide.

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