Devil May Cry 5 Mission 16 Collectibles Locations

Route 2 - Purple Orb Fragment
Lower down than the tree we jumped to is this Purple Orb Fragment.

Up to this point we’ve done a mission with every character but Dante, so it’s only fair he gets his own Diverging Point as well. As you playthrough Mission 16 there are a few collectibles to grab. This guide will show you the Mission 16 collectibles locations.

Note: To get all the collectibles in this Mission may require a second playthrough. Be prepared for this if you want to collect everything.

Mission 16 Collectibles

There are a total of four collectibles in Mission 16. The split in collectibles is three orbs and one weapon. Here’s what the collectibles are:

  • 1x Purple Orb Fragment.
  • 2x Blue Orb Fragment.
  • 1x Dante Weapon (story unlock).

You need to complete this mission twice to get everything listed above. If you miss anything you can replay the mission using the Mission Select screen on the Title screen.

Route Split

Route Split
The route through the level splits here.

Mission 16 features a route split which changes what you can grab during a playthrough. On route one you can grab a Blue Orb Fragment and on route two you can grab the Purple Orb Fragment and a Blue Orb Fragment. The route split appears at the area pictured above. Going to the area across takes you to route one, while dropping down takes you to route two.

Route 1 – Blue Orb Fragment

Route 1 - Blue Orb Fragment
Demon form makes crossing this gap easy.

Make your way into the blueish tunnel and follow it until you reach the very bottom (you will drop through a number of holes and fight some enemies). Once at the bottom you will see the Blue Orb Fragment across a large gap. Turn into demon form and fly across to grab it (or do some crazy jump combo). Once you get the orb, hit pause and reload checkpoint to return to the route split.

Route 2 – Blue Orb Fragment from Completing Secret Mission

Drop down instead of going across to the tunnel at the route split. Make your way to the bottom where you fight the lizards. Once the lizards are dead, head out and drop down on the platform. Look down and look for a large Red Orb tree with a weak platform by it. This is where we want to head. Once you are by the tree, go down the tunnel behind it into the next area. Go down this next area until you reach an alcove. Inside the alcove is the Secret Mission. Beat it to get the Blue Orb Fragment. If you screw up the jump or go to far, reload the last checkpoint.

Route 2 – Purple Orb Fragment

Route 2 - Purple Orb Fragment
Lower down than the tree we jumped to is this Purple Orb Fragment.

In that same room as the tree we jumped to above, there is a Purple Orb Fragment on a ledge. Drop down to it and collect it. This is the last Purple Orb Fragment in the game.

That’s every collectible in Mission 16. This level is easily the hardest one to get collectibles in as it is very easy to screw up the many jumps you have to do. For more on the collectibles in Devil May Cry 5, check out our guide.

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