Devil May Cry 5 Mission 11 Collectibles Locations

Purple Orb Fragment 1 Destroyed Building
This Purple Orb Fragment will appear along the main story path.

As you continue through the story in Devil May Cry 5 you will arrive at Mission 11. Like other missions, Mission 11 features a number of collectibles for us to grab. This guide will show you the Mission 11 collectibles locations.

Mission 11 Collectibles:

There are a total of three orb collectibles in Mission 11 as well as two Dante weapons. The breakdown of collectibles are:

If you miss any of the collectibles listed above, you can repeat the mission through the Main Menu > Mission Select option. I will go into more detail on each collectibles location below.

Blue Orb Fragment 1: Complete Secret Mission

Go through the level until you reach the large ruins. Inside this building you need to take out three blood clots. Once you take out the first one, a cutscene will show the tower dropping. After the cutscene make your way back the way you entered and go up into the tower. Stand on the red dot and look for the entrance to the Secret Mission. Complete the Secret Mission to get the Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 2: On Floor Near Candles

Head to the bottom of the ruins and destroy the two other blood clots. Once the blood clots are destroyed you will see the Blue Orb Fragment on a ledge in the bottom floor. Jump over to get it.

Purple Orb Fragment 1: Destroyed Building

Purple Orb Fragment 1 Destroyed Building
This Purple Orb Fragment will appear along the main story path.

As you progress along the main path you will reach a rooftop. On the rooftop you will fight a bunch of knights. Defeat the knights and the Purple Orb Fragment will appear in front of you in a destroyed building.

That’s all the Orb collectibles in this mission. There are a couple of weapons you can grab (see guide here) as well. If you want more help finding all the collectibles in Devil May Cry 5 we can help. Check out our collectibles guide here.

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    The section for the secret mission on this this mission doesn’t explain anything. It’s telling us to go back away we cannot go back, Nor is it clearly stating where the red dot is, Whoever wrote this seems to think it’s obviously visible but it’s not.

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