5 Things to Do After Beating Devil May Cry 5

There are a total of 20 levels in Devil May Cry 5 that need to be completed to finish the game. Once you’ve completed all 20 levels you may be wondering what to do next. Well, here are 5 things to do after beating Devil May Cry 5

Trophy/Achievement Hunting

There are a number of trophies/achievements in DMC5 which require multiple playthroughs to complete. These trophies/achievements include the beating the game on the following difficulties:

  • Let’s Rock: Complete the game on Human mode.
  • Showtime!: Complete the game on Devil Hunter mode.
  • Doing Daddy Proud: Complete the game on Son of Sparda mode.
  • Dance with the Devil: Complete the game on Dante Must Die mode.
  • Stairway to Heaven: Complete the game on Heaven or Hell mode.
  • Highway to Hell: Complete the game on Hell and Hell mode.

There are also trophies/achievements tied to completing missions with all useable characters (like Mission 07 for example). To summarize there are s lot of trophies/achievements that will require some serious effort on your part to unlock. Good luck.

Find and Complete All 12 Secret Missions

Find and Complete All 12 Secret Missions
Secret Missions require you to lineup a symbol in the world to access.

There are a total of 12 Secret Missions for players to complete in DMC5. These Secret Missions are accessible through other missions and need to be ‘found’ to complete. For completing each Secret Mission you earn a Blue Orb Fragment. There is also an achievement tied to completing all 12 as well. Here are the challenges for each Secret Mission:

  1. Eliminate all of the Demons.
  2. Don’t Let Any Red Empusa Escape.
  3. Collect All of the Red Orbs.
  4. Eliminate All of the Demons Without Taking a Hit.
  5. Get to the Goal Without Touching the Ground.
  6. Eliminate all of the Demons in 20 Seconds or Less.
  7. Take Down an Enemy with a Single Bullet.
  8. Maintain an S Stylish Rank.
  9. Stay in the Air for More Than 15 Seconds.
  10. Get to the goal without touching the ground.
  11. Head Straight for the Goal.
  12. Collect a Set Amount of Red Orbs.

If you want help finding and completing each of the Secret Missions mentioned above, check out our Secret Mission guide.

Collect all Orbs and Weapons

Collect all Orbs and Weapons
The Dr. Faust unlocks before Mission 13.

There are a number of collectible orbs and weapons for you to collect during you playthrough of DMC5. Orbs provide boosts to your Health bar and Devil Trigger gauges, while new weapons allow Dante to be more deadly. 95% of weapons you will get through story progression but there is one that is easy to miss. For help in collecting both Orbs and weapons, consult this guide:

S Rank All Levels on All Difficulties

S Rank All Levels on All Difficulties
S Rank on Human mode! I’m proud of this okay!

If you haven’t already, you can work your way through S Ranking all 20 levels in Devil May Cry 5. Since I am pretty bad at the game I will point you in the direction of other internet resource which can help you get a firmer grasp on mechanics needed to S Rank levels. This post by user Reddit User itzlandry is starting to get into the mechanics of each character and should be given a read.

Wait For DLC Content

If you’ve done everything up to this point, congratulations! You are among the 0.01% of players playing DMC5. While I imagine you are currently busy speedrunning the game or posting insane combo videos to the socials, my last suggestion on this list may still apply to you!

Although the Capcom producer Matt Walker has stated that there are currently no plans for post-launch DLC (besides the Bloody Palace mode), I full expect us to see more content coming. Given the game’s positive sales (second best PC launch for Capcom), I imagine they will put together more DLC content for players to take part in. What form that takes is beyond me, but MHW like fests would be pretty awesome. Until they announce anything, all we can do is wait (and work on everything listed above).

Anything to add to our 5 things to do after beating Devil May Cry 5 list? Drop them in The Pit below.


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