Destiny 2: What Happened During the Almighty Live Event

At the end of Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy Bungie decided to do something a little different by holding an in-game event. This in-game event took place on the Tower and saw Rasputin and the Almighty face off. If you missed the event for yourself we’ve got you covered. Below you will learn exactly what happened during the Almighty live event in Destiny 2.

Rasputin Versus the Almighty

Image showing the Almighty during the live event in Destiny 2.

During the in-game event players that logged into the game could look to the sky in the west to see a light. As time advanced from 10 AM PST, the light grew larger and larger until the Almighty was fully revealed. Once the Almighty was revealed there was another wait as it began to explode with various particles around it. After this sequence the Almighty was destroyed by lasers from Rasputin and its wreckage floated over the Tower where it crashed on the north-side. You can look and see the smoldering crash site when you login.

How to Get the Seraph’s Wings Emblem

Image showing How to Get the Seraph's Wing Emblem.

After the event you can speak to Zavala for some new text regarding the crisis being averted. You can also interact with the crater near Zavala to receive the Seraph’s Wings emblem. This emblem may be some sort of code.

That’s about it that occured during the live event in Destiny 2. There is a new DLC reveal planned for June 9 alongside the release of the new season so keep it locked to see what that all entails.

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