Destiny 2: Interference Guide

The Interference quest is a weekly quest players can complete during the Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. This weekly quest can be completed each week after the weekly reset and after completing the weekly quest called Means to an End. To help you complete this weekly quest use our Interference guide below.

How to Start Interference Quest

Image showing the map location of the Interference quest in Destiny 2.

The Interference quest can be found on the planet of Io. Each week after the weekly reset and the Means to an End quest are completed. Once these conditions are met you are able to playthrough the Interference quest one time for the week. If you don’t know where to find the Interference it can be seen on the map screenshot above. This quest has the following requirements:

  • Fireteam: 1-3 Players.
  • Cooperative.
  • Recommended Power: 800.

The Interference quest is fairly low-level and low-risk to complete so most Destiny 2 players should have no trouble with this mission to Break Savathun’s assault and help Eris secure the Cradle.

How to Complete the Interference Quest

When you start the Interference quest you will be tasked with securing the Cradle. To secure the Cradle walk forward and destroy the gate blocking your path by shooting the orb in the center. Follow your waypoint until you reach another gate. Destroy it and head into the area with the two Envoy of Savathun wizard enemies and a large silver tree.

As you enter this area the Envoy of Savathun enemies will summon Savathun’s Witness. This boss cannot be killed at this moment so wait for it to disappear then defeat the Taken and Envoy of Savathun enemies. Walk forward into the tree and take a right so you head up the dirt path.

Follow the dirt path up along the side of the mountain and defeat the enemies that appear along the way. Once you reach about halfway along the path you will encounter an Envoy of Savathun Ogre enemy. Defeat this enemy and move into the next area where you will face off against Savathun’s Witness. Wittle down Savathun’s Witness health to half to be transported to Court of Savathun.

Savathun’s Court

Image showing the Savathun Witness boss in Destiny 2.

The Court of Savathun area appears to change weekly. One week you may be tasked with disrupting a ritual while another week you will simply need to complete a brief platforming sequence while defeating various enemies. Regardless of what you need to do note that your goal for this area is to reach the end so you can face off against Savathun’s Witness. Also note that this area typically houses enemies that can be Barrier, Overload, or Unstoppable types. You will want to have weapon mods that can deal with these enemy types attached to your equipment.

At the end of Court of Savathun you will reach the boss arena for Savathun’s Witness. Here you will need to defeat this boss to advance the quest. This boss fight follows a similar pattern as previous fights with Savathun’s Witness. Basically the boss will be damageable intermittently between add waves. Each wave the adds get harder. Eventually you will deal enough damage to the boss and it will die. This causes a portal to appear that you can go inside to return to The Cradle.

Meeting Eris Morn

From the portal spawn walk forward so you are inside the silver tree. Here you will find Eris Morn. Speak to Eris to receive a piece of lore. After this dialogue sequence you will have 500 seconds before the level ends. Return to the Prismatic Recaster to receive your Pinnacle Gear.

This concludes our Interference quest guide. Given the nature of the quest you will want to complete it weekly since it changes each week both in terms of layout and lore received from Eris Morn. It is also a fairly easy way to get some Pinnacle Gear for yourself.

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