Destiny 2: Means to An End Guide

Alongside the new Contest event in Destiny 2 there is a weekly mission players can complete called a Means To An End. This weekly mission can be started through the Prismatic Caster after completing the first two quests of the new season: A Shadow Overhead and In the Face of Darkness. Once these missions are completed you will be able to grab this weekly quest to receive Altered Element. To help you complete this mission use our Means to An End guide below.

How to Start Means to An End

You will star the Means to An End mission during the quest In the Face of Darkness. Towards the end of the mission The Drifter will ask you to accept this weekly mission from the Prismatic Caster. When you interact with the Prismatic Caster the mission will appear and you can accept it. You will have already completed part of the mission from playing the Contact public event earlier.

Barrier to Entry

Image showing the Contact Public Event in Destiny 2.

To complete the first step of the mission you will need to contain the spreading Darkness by participating in the Contact public event on Io or Titan. This new public event plays out similar to the Gambit game mode, but it is solely PvE in this case. All you need to do during the event is defeat enemies, collect the motes they drop and deposit them into the bank. There are a total of four possible waves to this game mode. Depending on how many waves you complete determines the completion percentage you earn. Once you’ve completed the required Contact public events you will unlock the next objective called Force.

Force & Perseverance

The Force objective can be completed by collecting Umbral Traces in Nightfall: The Ordeal, Nightmare Hunts, and Crucible Control. Pick whichever of these game modes you like the most and play them until you collect the required Umbral Traces. Note the Umbral Traces are earned by defeating enemies or opponents and at the end of each map. I will say I did find Nightmare Hunts to be rather efficient for collecting the Umbral Traces. Once you’ve collected all of the Umbral Traces required you will unlock the Perseverance quest step.

This quest step is fairly straightforward. All you need to do here is complete the Cradle mission on Io called Cradle Descent. This mission can be found on the planet of Io to the northwest of the Lost Oasis. Like the A Shadow Overhead mission you are tasked with defeating Savathun’s Witness to complete the Perseverance quest. Once you’ve done this you will meet with Eris and will receive your 200 Altered Element.

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