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Upon completion of the IO mission A Shadow Overhead you will return to the Annex on the Tower where you will trigger a new quest. This new quest is called In the Face of Darkness. Completing this quest nets you the Seasonal Artifact which is the Seed of Silver Wings. To help you complete this quest use our In the Face of Darkness guide below.

How to Get the Seed of Silver Wings Seasonal Artifact?

Getting the Seed of Silver Wings seasonal artifact is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is visit The Drifter in the Annex area of the Tower. Once at The Drifter simply approach the NPC and speak with him. After a brief lore dump the screen above will pop up. Acquire the Seed of Silver Wings artifact to have it added to your inventory. Like previous artifacts this item expires at the end of the season it is attached to. In this case the artifact expires at the end of Season of Arrivals. Once you have the artifact you will trigger the next step of the quest which is called Full Contact.

Complete Contact Public Event on Io or Titan

Image showing the Contact Public Event in Destiny 2.

To complete the Full Contact quest step you need to take the season artifact and head to either Io or Titan where you must complete a Contact Public Event. These new public events are marked on your map as shown in the screenshot above. To complete the new Contact Public Event you will be playing a PvE version of a Gambit match. This game mode basically involves killing enemies, collecting motes and then depositing motes into the bank. Once the bank is filled harder enemies will attack. Rinse and repeat until the event is over. Once you’ve played this event you will unlock the next quest step Umbral Engram.

Umbral Engrams & Umbral Decoder

Image showing the Umbral Decoder in Destiny 2.

Head back to the Tower and visit The Drifter. Speak to him to have the Umbral Engram examined. Once it has been examined you will receive the next quest step involving this mysterious engram called Umbral Decryption. To complete this step all you need to do is use the Umbral Decoder in the same room as The Drifter. You will receive a piece of gear from the engram when you use the machine. Once this step is done return to The Drifter and speak to him to get the Taken Their Energy quest step.

Taken Their Energy & Prismatic Recaster

Image showing the Prismatic Recaster in Destiny 2.

To complete the Taken Their Energy step you need to venture into the game’s multiplayer modes. This step requires playing any of the following: playlist strike, Crucible, or Gambit match. Which of these you play is up to you, but pick something you like or at least find bearable. After you’ve played a match in any of the listed game modes you will receive the next step which is to simply return to The Drifter. When you speak to The Drifter he will give you the Drifter’s Secret Stockpile and you will get the quest step Refining the Recaster.

All you need to do for the Refining the Recaster portion of the quest is head over the Prismatic Recaster to the left of the Umbral Decoder and interact with it. Once you interact with the recaster you will be taken to the screen above. On this screen you want to deposit all 500 Twisted Energy then access the Gifts of Light & Dark subscreen. On this subscreen unlock the Umbral Enhancement I upgrade. Once this is unlocked open Umbral Focusing and select the type of Umbral Engram you wish. After you’ve done all of this head over to the decypter and open the engrams. Return and speak to The Drifter to get the Charging Seed quest step.

Head back to the Prismatic Recaster and interact with it to start the weekly Means to An End mission. This ends the In the Face of Darkness quest for Destiny 2 and unlocks the artifact for this season.

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