Destiny 2: Shadowkeep How to Access Vex Invasion

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With the launch of the new raid today, players will be greeted by a new login cutscene when they start Destiny 2. This cutscene shows the Vex invading. This foreshadows the Vex Invasion mission that is now active. Continue reading our how to access Vex Invasion guide below to learn more about this mission.

Starting the Vex Invasion Mission

Image showing the Vex Invasion Mission screen.

After the cutscene you will head to the Tower. On the Tower make your way to Ikora Rey and speak with her. She now has a new mission for you called the Vex Invasion. This mission tasks you with completing the following on the Moon:

  • 100 Vex defeated.
  • 3 Gate Lords defeated.

For completing the above mentioned tasks you will unlock the Vex Mind Components and a Powerful Gear (Tier 1) item. Head to the Moon.

Unlock Eyes on the Moon Quest Item

Image showing the Gate Lord spawn.

On the Moon you are looking for Vex to kill. These randomly appear in the areas with the Vex Invasion Zone icons on your map (so Archer’s Landing, Hellmouth, and Anchor of Light). Keep in mind the emphasis on random spawn.

To finish this portion of the mission you need to kill 100 Normal Vex and 3 Gate Lords. Normal Vex enemies will appear in small clusters in each zone (as well as come through portals). The Gate Lords come through portals that appear in the sky in the different areas listed above. These portals appear to spawn in areas which have just finished a Public Event. If you see a Public Event running, head to that area and complete it then just wait around a bit to have portals spawn.

Upon completion of the objectives you will receive the Eye on the Moon quest item. Turn this item into Eris Morn. This allows you to start the Vex Offensive mission on your map. Do this now.

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