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There is a new summer event upon us in Destiny 2. This Solstice of Heroes event adds new armor sets and other goodies for players to earn by competing in the new European Aerial Zone. To help you learn more about this event use our Solstice of Heroes guide below.

Important: The Solstice of Heroes event runs from August 11 – September 8.

How to Start the Solstice of Heroes

Image showing where to start the Solstice of Heroes and European Aerial Zone.

Like previous seasonal events you can start the Solstice of Heroes by speaking to Eva Levante on the Tower. She is in the same location which is next to the Courtyard Landing Zone. When you speak to her for the first time she will give you the Solstice Mask (Renewed) rare helmet. You will also receive the first quest step called The Solstice Begins. This quest step tasks players with completing a run through the new European Aerial Zone. This activity can be started using the console to the right of Eva. It has a recommended power level of 750 and a type based system. Equip the necessary subclass for the day and start the mission.

European Aerial Zone Event

Image showing a screenshot of the European Aerial Zone Event in Destiny 2.

The European Aerial Zone is a three guardian event players can complete to earn seasonal event items. This event takes place on an EDZ floating island with low gravity allowing you to jump higher than normal. During this event you will need to complete a total of three objectives:

  1. Defeat as many mini-bosses that spawn in during a five minute window.
  2. Defeat the boss that then spawns in.
  3. Collect reward then search for hidden treasure chests for 2 minutes.

Upon completion of the third objective you will complete the European Aerial Zone event. Once completed for the first time you will unlock the But Wait, There’s More quest step which tasks you with visiting Eva on the Tower. Head there now.

Speak to Eva, Meditate at Statue, Get Armor Seasonal Armor Set

Image showing where to get the Solstice of Heroes Armor set in Destiny 2.

Approach Eva and talk to her to unlock the next quest step. This step is to meditate at the statue. Approach the statue next to Eva and meditate to receive the Solstice armor set to go with your helmet. This armor set has Armor Objectives attached to each piece. Once you have the set return to Eva and speak to her again to learn more about this system and to get the Solstice of Heroes 2020 quest step which is to complete armor objectives.

Armor Objectives

Image showing a Solstice Armor piece armor objectives in Destiny 2.

To Strengthen your Renewed Solstice armor set you will need to equip the piece you wish to strengthen then complete its armor objectives. There are a number of objectives to complete that range from PvE to PvP activities. You will need to grind these activities to strengthen you armor.

Your armor set starts at Rare and can strengthen its way to Majestic Legendary which looks pretty bad ass. At the Majestic level there is final round of armor objectives:

  • Complete a Nightfall Ordeal on the Master difficulty.
  • Complete a Nightmare Hunt.
  • Win seven Trials of Osiris matches. (Not on a single Passage).
  • Complete Pit of Heresy.
  • Complete a Tier 5 Altar of Sorrow three times.

When completed these objectives unlock a white glow on the Solstice of Heroes armor set. You will also be able to purchase an universal ornament for your set that matches the glow to your Elemental subclass.

What to Do with Solstice Packages and Solstice Key Fragments

Image showing the Solstice Package in Destiny 2's Solstice of Heroes seasonal event.

You may have noticed you’ve picked up a few new consumables while playing the EAZ. These consumables are the Solstice Package and Solstice Key Fragments. As you may imagine the Solstice Key Fragments open the Solstice Package. This can be done in your inventory under consumables. Hover over the Solstice Package and you will see an option to open with 15x Solstice Key Fragments. You can earn more key fragments by completing Solstice of Heroes bounties for Eva or through EAZ runs.

That’s all you really need to know about the Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2. This event is slightly retooled from previous years. Bungie discussed some of the changes to this event in a blog post you can find here. It is worth the read if you are into that sort of thing. Good luck armor objective farming.

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