Destiny 2 The Lost Splicer Guide

When you start the new Season of the Splicer in Destiny 2 You need to complete a new mission. This new mission is called The Lost Splicer. This mission takes place on Europa and tasks you with finding a character named Mithrax. Use our Destiny 2 The Lost Splicer guide below to complete this seasonal intro mission.

Investigate the Last Known Location of Mithrax

Image showing the cave entrance that leads to Mithrax's terminal in Destiny 2.

Upon landing on Europa you will trigger this quest. You will be in the Eventide Ruins. From here you need to go to the last known location of Mithrax. This location is directly east of where you spawn in. Head to the waypoint to reach a cave entrance. Go into this entrance to reach the last known location of Mithrax.

Find Mithrax

When you enter the cave you will trigger a new objective to find Mithrax. Follow the cave path forward until you encounter a terminal on your left that you can interact with. Interact with this terminal to trigger an interaction with Mithrax and Ikora. After this interaction you will receive a new quest objective.

Reach the Rendezvous Point

From the terminal head forward and follow the path along the cliff side so you emerge back in the Eventide Ruins area. Jump on your Sparrow and drive to the Asterion Abyss zone. In this zone you need to search for Mithrax’s Ship. It is marked by the waypoint when you enter the area. If it is not it is in the northern portion of the zone on the icefields. When you approach the ship there are a number of Vex enemies. Clear them out to trigger an interaction with Ikora. Once this interaction is complete you will need to find Mithrax.

Find Mithrax…. Again

Image showing Mithrax in Destiny 2.

Upon clearing the ship a snowstorm blows in. This snowstorm makes it hard to navigate. Use your waypoint marker to navigate towards the next location of Mithrax which is near the Asterion Abyss ruins. When you get close you will trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene you will meet Mithrax in person. There is a brief conversation here then you and Mithrax need to Claim Data from the Vex Domain.

Claim Data from the Vex Domain

Image showing the Paradrome Cube in Destiny 2.

Mithrax will run to a new location and will open a portal. Go through the portal in the ground to enter The Outer Nexus location. In this location complete and combat sequences until you reach the end. Here you must fight a boss. Defeat this boss to receive the Paradrome Cube. Once you have the cube follow the markers to leave the area.

Upon exiting the area you will return to Mithrax. Mithrax will talk to you then give you your quest reward. The next quest you can complete is called Beneath the Great Machine.

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  1. Maddog says:

    Go to europa. You’ll find it prominently displayed on the map. Its odd its not in the helm

  2. Martty says:

    I’m in same boat I’m level 1260 with No seasonal artefact wtf is going on,also the sunsetting thing where all my masterworked armour is useless..wish I knew the game had these bugs and fecking substring ballllocks

  3. Hanswan525 says:

    Having the same problem. And the quest isn’t in the new helm

  4. Dante says:

    How the hell do I reactivate the mission if it glitches out? I can’t find it, why on earth do they make this so hard.

    • enricofairme says:

      Try checking the H.E.L.M to see if the next mission is available on the map. That’s where you go to meet Mithrax after the opening quest so maybe it is there.

    • Ervin Kovacs says:

      I am having the same Problem,
      The mission is not at the H.E.L.M

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