Destiny 2: A Guardian’s Duty Guide

Saint-14 has returned to Destiny 2. You will find him residing in The Tower hangar. Here you can speak with him to receive new quests. One of the new quests is called A Guardian’s Duty. T. To help you complete this quest use our Guardian’s Duty guide below.

Speak to Saint-14 and Start the A Guardian’s Duty Quest

Image showing the location of Saint-14 in Destiny 2.

To start this mission make your way to the hangar and speak to Saint-14. He has a few quests available for you. Select the A Guardian’s Duty quest to trigger the first quest step called Community Service.

How to Complete Community Service Quest Step

Image showing how to complete all eight bounties in Destiny 2 for Saint'14.

The first quest step in this quest is Community Service. To complete this quest step you need to complete a total of eight bounties in Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit activities.

The easiest approach here is to pick an activity you enjoy doing. If you hate PvP you probably want to do Vanguard activities and the reverse can be said for if you hate PvE. Before you start an activity be sure to speak to Zavala, Shakks, and the Drifter to stockpile bounties. Once ready head into the bounty related activity and start grinding.

How to Complete A Sense of Duty Quest Step

Image showing where to offer Tribute in Destiny 2 to Saint-14.

After you’ve completed the eight bounties you will trigger the next phase of this quest which is called A Sense of Duty. To complete this quest step simply return to Saint-14 on the Tower. Speak with him to get the next quest step called New Duties. This step simply involves placing the Bounty Book in Saint-14’s space (pictured above).

Upon placing the tribute you will unlock Saint-14’s Bounties. Completeing these bounties grants you rewards you can use to level up the Tower Obelisk. That’s all you need to know to complete the A Guardian’s Duty in Destiny 2.

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