Destiny 2: Lunar Connection Guide

The bunker on the Moon is now live and that means it is time to start farming stuff all over again in Destiny 2. This quest is now live and can be accessed on the Moon. To help you complete this new Bunker mission use our Destiny 2 Lunar Connection guide below.

Where to Start Lunar Connection?

Image showing where to start the Lunar Connection arena mission in Destiny 2.

To start the Lunar Connection mission make your way to the Moon. Head to the marker on your map in the Archer’s Line and enter the Bunker that is open there. Go to the bottom of the Bunker to start the Lunar Connection Bunker Buster. This mission quest works exactly like the previous Bunker. You need to reach Control Room to link Rasputin to the Bunker.

How to Complete the Moon Bunker Buster?

Image showing how to complete the Moon Bunker Buster in Destiny 2.

To complete the Moon Bunker Buster you need to reach the Control Room. This means fighting your way through the enemies until your reach the Control Room where you will encounter Ana Bray. Once you meet Ana Bray and she speaks with you you will be able to interact with the console pictured above to reconnect Rasputin to the Bunker.

Upon linking Rasputin you will complete this mission. With the Bunker connected you are able to begin farming Warmind Bits to rank up the Moon Bunker.

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