Destiny 2: Moon Bunker Upgrades List

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The Moon Bunker is now live in Destiny 2. Like the EDZ Bunker when the Moon Bunker is online you can earn Warmind to upgrade the bunker to get better bonuses from it. To help you learn what upgrades are in this new Bunker I’ve thrown together the Moon Bunker upgrades list below.

What are the Upgrades in the Moon Bunker?

Image showing the Moon Bunker upgrades.

The Upgrades in the Moon Bunker are split into three Ranks. Within each rank there are a total of seven upgrades you can purchase with Warmind Bits. To advance to the next rank you need to purchase upgrades from the previous rank (then spend Bunker Chipset to level up the Bunker). The upgrades from the Moon Bunker are as follows:

Moon Upgrades Rank 1

  • Heavy Rasputin Frame Spawner: Tier 1.
  • Planetary Material Auto-Collection: Tier 1.
  • Moon Encrypted Warmind Bits: Tier 1.
  • Valkyrie Spawner: Tier 1.
  • Warmind Bit Generation: Tier 1.
  • Rasputin Reward Generation: Tier 1.
  • Cost Reduction: Tier 1.

Moon Upgrades Rank 2

  • Heavy Rasputin Frame Spawner: Tier 2.
  • Planetary Material Auto-Collection: Tier 2.
  • Moon Encrypted Warmind Bits: Tier 2.
  • Valkyrie Spawner: Tier 2.
  • Warmind Bit Generation: Tier 2.
  • Rasputin Reward Generation: Tier 2.
  • Cost Reduction: Tier 2.

Moon Upgrades Rank 3

  • Heavy Rasputin Frame Spawner: Tier 3.
  • Planetary Material Auto-Collection: Tier 3.
  • Moon-Encrypted Warmind Bits: Tier 3.
  • Valkyrie Spawner: Tier 3.
  • Warmind Bit Generation: Tier 3.
  • Rasputin Reward Generation: Tier 3.
  • Cost Reduction: Tier 3.

That’s all the upgrades you can purchase for the Moon Bunker. Each upgrade you purchase from the Bunker is designed to provide you with some sort of benefit whether this is in combat or resource gathering. To get the materials listed above you will need to farm things like the Daily Bunker Buster, Seraph Public events, and bounties. Good luck.

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