Eclipsed Zone (Where to Find) – Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The Eclipsed Zone is a special area changing event that occurs on the planet of Europa in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. This zone rotates weekly and features falling debris, an area buff, and specific area challenges to complete. Each week we’ll update this post with the currently active Eclipsed Zone. See more details below.

What is the Active Eclipsed Zone Today in Destiny 2

Image showing the Eclipsed Zone in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.
  • Current Zone: Cadmus Ridge.
  • Buff: Stasis Regeneration – Stasis abilities recharge faster.
  • Description: “Debris rains down from the sky; a constant remnant of the Orbital Station crash at the hands of Guardians. House Salvation intends to secure the area through the use of Darkness and collect any important Debris. Guardians are advised to disrupt the Fallen’s plans.”

Each week at the weekly reset (Tuesday) the Eclipsed Zone is changed on Europa. When a location is an active Eclipsed area you will receive a buff and special quests to complete in this area. To find out which area is currently the active Eclipsed location you need to open your map. On the map beneath the Europa text on the right-side you will see the area that is currently active. You can hover over the icon to see the description above.

If you are completing the Sabotage mission for Variks the Loyal you will want to know where the Eclipsed location is each week. Many of the missions given by Variks involve completing specific tasks in these areas like Public Events, Lost Sectors, collecting materials, and so on. Consult the location above to find out where to go to complete these missions.

This post will reflect the weekly Eclipsed Zone on Europa. The text above will change each week at the Weekly Reset to highlight the new zone. Check back next week for the next zone.

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