Destiny 2: The Dawning Guide

Eva Levante is back at the Tower for the newest seasonal event in Destiny 2. This new event is called The Dawning. Like other seasonal events The Dawning is available for roughly a month before it stops running (12/17 – 1/14). To help you get the most out of this seasonal event use our The Dawning guide below.

Note: Guide is currently updating.

How to Start The Dawning

The Dawning seasonal event is available to all players of Destiny 2. It can be started by visiting Eva Levante on the Tower. Eva is located on the roof above the Eververse store. She is highlighted with a quest marker when you first load up Destiny 2. Speak to Eva to start the event.

The Dawning Seasonal Event Guide

Image showing The Dawning start screen in Destiny 2.

When you speak to Eva for the first time she will give you a book called The Dawning. This book is tied to The Dawning event of 2019. Here’s what the quest says:

Use Eva’s Holiday Oven to bake a gift for Commander Zavala. Available only during the Dawning 2019.”

Zavala carries a great deal of responsibility. A Dawning gift is a lovely way to show your gratitude.

“Welcome to the Dawning, Guardian,” Eva says, “At this time of year, the City joins together to celebrate and give thanks for all we have.”

She smiles. “Last year, I asked Guardians to bake gifts for their friends using my Holiday Oven. I’ve improved the oven since then, and would love to lend it to you again. I think you should begin by baking a gift for our dear Commander Zavala.”

Eva Levante.

Accept the book from Eva to receive the following: Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0, The Dawning Begins quest step, and some materials.

How to Give Gift to Zavala

Image showing how to gift Zavala during The Dawning.

Open the Director and navigate to the Quests tab. On this tab you will see Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0. Select the oven and input the 3x materials you received from Eva. You will make Gjallardoodles, a holiday gift. Take this gift and give it to Zavala. Give the gift to Zavala to get a new step in the quest.

Once you’ve given the gift to Zavala head back to Eva and speak with her. She mentions that you know now how to spread cheer to others. You will receive two exotic quests: Delivery: Drifter and Vance and Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint for your troubles.

How to Get Ingredients in The Dawning

Image showing how to get Essence of Dawning material in Destiny 2.

Collecting ingredients is the central game mechanic for the Dawning in Destiny 2. Ingredients must be collected in order for you to cook gifts for individuals. There are three categories of ingredients to collect: Uncommon, Rare, and Essence. Each type of ingredient is earned through different means. Check out how to get each one below.

Uncommon Ingredients (Drop off Enemies Killed)

  • Chitin Powder: Random drop on Hive killed.
  • Ether Cane: Random drop on Forsaken killed.
  • Cabal Oil: Random drop on Cabal killed.
  • Vex Milk: Random drop on Vex killed.
  • Taken Butter: Random drop on Taken killed.
  • Dark Ether: Random drop on Scorn Killed.

Rare Ingredients (Do Certain Actions)

  • Delicious Explosion: Random drop off of kills with explosive weapons like Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, or Grenade ability.
  • Sharp Flavor: Random drop off of sword kills.
  • Impossible Heat: Random drop off of kills using Solar damage.
  • Null Taste: Random drop off of kills using Void damage.
  • Electric Flavor: Random drop off of kills using Arc damage.
  • Flash of Inspiration: soon.
  • Personal Touch: soon.
  • Perfect Taste: Critical hit kills. Only had luck with this on Harpy’s shooting their red eyes.
  • Bullet Spray: Random drop off of kills using SMGs, Auto Rifles, and LMGs.
  • Finishing Touch: Random drop off kills with Finishers.
  • Balanced Flavors: Random drop off of kills with Sniper Rifles and Scout Rifles.
  • Pinch of Light: Random drop when picking up orbs of light.
  • Multifaceted Flavors: soon.
  • Superb Texture: soon.

Essence (Awarded for Completing Activities)

  • Essence of Dawning: Earned by completing different activities like Nightfalls, Public Events, PvP, and more. The harder the activity the more you will earn.

Collect the above mentioned ingredients to cook up gifts for NPCs in the Tower. Give these NPCs gifts to earn rewards. That’s about all you need to know about the Dawning seasonal event. If you have anything to add shoot me a comment down below.

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