Destiny 2 Honeydew and Other Errors Trigger Emergency Maintenance

The newest season for Destiny 2, Season of the Splicer, was slated to release today, but things have been a bit rocky. Early in the day Bungie took the game offline to do background maintenance. The bulk of this maintenance was completed at 10 AM PT when the season’s update released for download on PC and consoles. Now the game has been taken offline for emergency server maintenance after Honeydew and other errors plague players connections.

Update: Destiny 2 is being brought back online.

Destiny 2 Goes Down for Unexpected Server Maintenance

News of the emergency server maintenance came from the official Bungie Help Twitter. This account has been tweeting out a variety of issues that has been plaguing the new season’s launch. After multiple tweets it appears the issues facing Destiny 2 require more thorough fixes from the Bungie developers. Due to this the game has been brought offline for the time being.

This unexpected server maintenance is unfortunate, but note uncommon for launches like a new season. Typically when Bungie releases new content there is a swell of players trying to get to the servers. Looking at the Destiny 2 Steam Chart you can see the influx of players trying to access the game was over 100% today just on Steam.

We will update this article once Destiny 2 is up and running. For now check out the Season of the Splicer Season Pass unlocks as well as the new Exotic sidearm while you wait.

Are you experiencing the Destiny 2 Honeydew or other errors? Let me know in The Pit below.


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