Destiny 2 Cryosthesia 77K Exotic Sidearm

The Season of the Splicer is now upon us and with it comes a couple of new Exotic weapons for Destiny 2. One of the new exotics is the sidearm called the Cryosthesia 77K. This Exotic weapon is the easiest exotic unlock of the season as it simply requires playing the game to earn. For more details check out our closer look at the Destiny 2 Cryosthesia 77K Exotic sidearm below.

How to Unlock the Cryosthesia 77K Exotic Sidearm

Image showing how to unlock the Cryosthesia 77K Exotic Sidearm from the Destiny 2 Season Pass.

As Bungie has been doing lately this weapon is unlockable through the Season of the Splicer Season Pass. The Cryosthesia 77K is no exception. You unlock this Exotic weapon through the paid of free tracks of the Season Pass. The rank unlock for this sidearm varies depending on whether or not you paid your hard earned cash. The Cryosthesia 77K unlock ranks are:

  • Paid: Rank 1.
  • Free: Rank 35.

If you don’t feel like dropping the coinage on this season reaching Ranking 35 isn’t too much of an ask. This will take a bit of time, but you can easily get it while the season runs from May 11 – August 24th. For the paid folks the weapon is available once you login to the game. Simply collect it from the Season Pass screen. Also note the paid track includes the Deletion Protocol weapon ornament for this sidearm at Rank 100.

Cryosthesia 77K Exotic Sidearm Weapon Perks & Traits

Image showing the Cryosthesia 77k in Destiny 2.

The unlock method aside here’s some information on what exactly it is you are getting. The Destiny 2 Cryosthesia 77K sidearm is an Exotic weapon that deals cryo damage. This weapon features the following weapon perks and traits:

  • Polygonal Rifling (Barrel): Barrel optimized for recoil reduction which increases stability.
  • Particle Repeater (Battery): Constrains recoil for every bolt which increases stability.
  • Liquid Cooling (Trait): Final blows with this weapon enable a Charged Shot for a short duration. Targets hit by this shot are instantly frozen at the cost of the weapon’s entire magazine.
  • Polymer Grip (Grip): This weapon’s grip is made of lighter material that increases handling speed.
  • LN2 Burst (Intrinsic Trait): Variable Trigger; Press and release to fire individual shots. Hold to fire a Charged Shot when Liquid Cooling is active.

That’s all you need to know about the Cryosthesia 77K Exotic sidearm. This weapon is The Season of the Splicer’s season pass weapon. Getting this weapon is very easy. Simply play the game, rank up the Season Pass and it will be yours.

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