Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode Unlocks

The hardest game mode in the Dead Space Remake is Impossible mode. In this mode players have one save slot, one life, and autosaves are disabled. If you die in this game mode you have to start over again which makes it especially challenging. Players that surmount this mode are given special rewards. See below for details on the Dead Space Remake Impossible mode unlocks.

Hand Cannon

Dead Space Remake Hand Cannon gun.
The Hand Cannon gun.

The base Dead Space Remake arsenal consists of 9 weapons. Collecting all 9 guns unlocks a special achievement/trophy. In addition to the 9 guns you can find there is 1 you can unlock by completing the game in Impossible mode.

Upon completion of the game in Impossible mode you will see your unlocks at the end of the credits. One of the unlocks is the weapon the Hand Cannon. Although the weapon’s name implies a revolver, the gun itself is actually a foam finger that Isaac wears. It is a reference to the same weapon you could unlock in Dead Space 2.

An interesting aspect of this gun is that it has infinite ammo, but cannot be upgraded. It is a very powerful weapon that, when shot, causes enemies to be de-limbed immediately. Besides dealing high damage when shooting the Hand Cannon also deals high damage when meleeing.

Burnished Suit

Dead Space Remake Burnished Suit.
The Burnished Suit.

Alongside the Hand Cannon there is another unlock for players that complete the Impossible mode. This unlock is the Burnished Suit. This suit is one of many cosmetic suits players can get in the game.

The Burnished Suit is based on the Level 3 Suit in the game with some slightly changes in color. The metal is dark grey/platinum and the visor is red. The suit looks to be in pristine condition which is a reference to Burnishing which the act of polishing metal to make it shinier.

That’s all you need to know about the Dead Space Remake Impossible mode unlocks. Besides these items the player also unlocks the only other unlock is the Untouchable achievement/trophy.

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