Dead Space Remake Weapons Locations

Dead Space Remake Plasma Cutter.

In the Dead Space Remake there are 9 weapons for players to find. These weapons are located across the ship and must be found for players to collect them. Collecting all 9 of the weapons in the game unlocks the Full Arsenal achievement/trophy. To help you do that here’s all of the Dead Space Remake weapons locations.

IMPORTANT: If you didn’t collect the Weapons during each Chapter listed below you can still collect them. Once you reach Chapter 11 you can use the Tram to visit every location on the ship, allowing you to back track to get them. The guide below presents the weapons in the order you encounter them during the main story.

Chapter 1 Weapons: Plasma Cutter & Stasis Module

Dead Space Remake Plasma Cutter location.
The Plasma Cutter has to be picked up to advance.

The first weapon you encounter in the game is the Plasma Cutter [1/9]. Getting this weapon is part of the game’s story and is unmissable. Isaac is chased into an elevator in Chapter 1: New Arrivals and goes down into the Service Workshop room. In this room on the bench is the Plasma Cutter.

Dead Space Remake Stasis Module location.
The Stasis Module has to be picked up to advance.

Further into Chapter 1: New Arrivals Isaac needs to repair the broken Tram. To do this he leaves the Tram Control Room and heads down into the Tram Tunnel room. In this room there is a malfunctioning door Isaac has to go through. Laying by the door is the Stasis Module [2/9].

Chapter 2 Weapons: Kinesis Module & Pulse Rifle

Dead Space Remake Kinesis Module location.
The Kinesis Module has to be picked up to advance.

Continue playing through the Chapter 1 until you make it to Chapter 2: Intensive Care. At the beginning of Chapter 2 you go into the Medical Cargo Depot room. In this room on a crate is the Kinesis Module [3/9].

Dead Space Remake Pulse Rifle location.
The Pulse Rifle is located next to a dead soldier.

When you exit the Medical Cargo Depot room you go into the Medical Tram Station. On the Tram platform leaning against the wall directly across from the door you enter is a dying soldier. On this soldier is the Pulse Rifle [4/9].

Chapter 3 Weapons: Ripper & Flamethrower

Dead Space Remake Ripper location.
The Ripper is located along your path through the Machine Shop room.

Make your way through Chapter 3: Course Correction. Continue forward until you reach the Machine Shop room. Inside of this room you will find the Ripper [5/9] lying next to a corpse at the bottom of the ramp.

Dead Space Remake Flamethrower location.
The Ripper is located along your path through going to the Fuel Storage room.

Eventually as you go through Chapter 3 you will make your way to Fuel Storage/Engine Room. Before you get to that room you go along a path full of corruption. In the corruption on a corpse in the wall is the Flamethrower [6/9].

Chapter 4 Weapon: Contact Beam

Work your way through Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent until you get Security Clearance Level 2 from Hammond. Once you have clearance continue following your objectives until you go to Bridge – Floor 2. On Floor 2 go into the Records Office room to find the Contact Beam [7/9].

Chapter 5 Weapon: Line Gun

During Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion you go back to the Medical Deck. On the Medical Deck complete your objectives until you reach the one that tasks you with Lifting the Lockdown. Once you go through the Emergency Room you enter ER Hallway A. In this hallway you can access the Emergency Equipment Storage room (requires Clearance Level 2). Inside this room is the Line Gun [8/9].

Chapter 6 Weapon: Force Gun

In Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard you go to Hydroponics. Inside Hydroponics go to the West Grow Chamber. In the West Grow Chamber head into the Clearance Level 2 room called West Seedling Room A. Inside this room is the Force Gun [8/9] neck to a body.

Upon collecting all of the Dead Space Remake weapons highlighted above you will unlock the Full Arsenal achievement/trophy. With the weapons found it’s time to start searching out each weapon’s upgrade parts.

Impossible Mode: Hand Cannon

Dead Space Remake Hand Cannon.
The Hand Cannon is a hidden weapon you can unlock.

There is a hidden gun in the game that players can unlock called the Hand Cannon. This gun is a reference to the finger gun you could unlock in Dead Space 2. To unlock the Hand Cannon you need to complete the game on Impossible Mode. The Hand Cannon is the strongest weapon you can get in the game.

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