Dead Space Remake Chapters

Dead Space Remake load menu.

The main storyline of the Dead Space Remake takes place across multiple chapters. Each of these chapters is named and centers around Isaac exploring a different part of either the USG Ishimura or the end-game planet. To learn more check about the chapters and their sequence check out the full Dead Space Remake chapter list below.

How Many Chapters in the Dead Space Remake?

There are 12 chapters in the Dead Space Remake. This matches the exact amount found in the original game. Each of the chapters in the game is named the same as they were in the original game as well. The complete list of chapters is as follows:

  1. New Arrivals.
  2. Intensive Care.
  3. Course Correction.
  4. Obliteration Imminent.
  5. Lethal Devotion.
  6. Environmental Hazard.
  7. Into the Void.
  8. Search and Rescue.
  9. Dead on Arrival.
  10. End of Days.
  11. Alternate Solutions.
  12. Dead Space.

There is a couple of ways the game let’s you know which chapter you are currently on. The in-game HUD will flash a message as you move between chapters. Additionally the save/load screen has the chapter name on the save files.

Completing all of the Dead Space Remake chapters varies in time depending on player skill, game difficulty, and how much exploration the players does. A general average is 8-12ish hours on a blind playthrough. This is slightly longer than the original as the remake includes additional cutscenes and some reworked encounters which require more time to complete.

To officially beat the game, and unlock an ending, a player needs to complete Chapter 12: Dead Space. There are two available endings for players to unlock in the game: original and alternative. The original ending is unlocked by simply beating the game while the alternative requires collecting Marker Fragments in New Game+ mode.

CHAPTER LIST SPOILER: An interesting easter egg that was in the original game is still present in the Dead Space Remake chapter list. If you take the first letter of each chapter it spells a sentence hinting at the game’s original ending. The sentence is Nicole is Dead.”

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