Dead Space Remake Endings

Dead Space Remake alternate ending screenshot.

The Dead Space Remake combines a lot of the original game’s DNA with some new changes. One of the most important changes the game makes is the addition of a new alternate ending. While the original ending still exists, the alternate ending ties things into Dead Space 2 a bit better. To learn more about both endings see our Dead Space Remake endings guide below.

Original Ending

Dead Space Remake original ending screenshot.
Nicole appears to Isaac.

The first ending you unlock in the game is the original ending. This ending is unlocked by completing Chapter 12: Dead Space on any difficulty. Upon completing this chapter there is a cutscene that is triggers before the game’s end credits.

During the original end cutscene Isaac boards the ship and flies off the planet. While Isaac is piloting away he removes his helmet and starts to view the message that shows Nicole committing suicide. Instead of watching all the way through, Isaac deletes it. Isaac then hears Nicole speaking and looks over to the passenger seat where her corpse is sitting. Nicole then jumps on Isaac and the screen cuts to black. Watch the original ending.

Completing the original ending unlocks the achievement/trophy called Exodus. You also receive money, Power Nodes, the Level 6 suit, and access to the New Game+ Mode. Within New Game+ Mode is a new collectible called Marker Fragments used to unlock the alternative ending.

Alternate Secret Ending

The second ending you can unlock in the game is the alternate ending. This alternative ending can only be unlocked during New Game+ Mode. While playing New Game+ Mode players must collect 12 Marker Fragment and place them in a hidden shrine. Once the collectibles are placed complete Chapter 12: Dead Space to view the new cutscene.

During the alternate end cutscene Isaac boards the ship and flies off the planet. While Isaac is piloting away he hears Nicole speaking to him. The camera pans towards his face and Nicole walks up behind him and places her hand on his shoulder. Isaac has a conversation with Nicole and a creepy smile appears on his face, hinting that he has gone fully crazy. Watch the alternate ending.

Completing the alternate ending unlocks the achievement/trophy called Reunion. The ending also possibly hints at the likely hood of a Dead Space 2 remake coming sometime in the future.

Which of the Dead Space Remake endings did you like better? Let me know in the comments below.



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