Cyberpunk 2077: Coin Operated Boy Guide

Brendan Vending Machine choice.

In Cyberpunk 2077, players have the opportunity to engage in a variety of side missions that add depth and complexity to the game’s narrative. One such side mission is called “Coin Operated Boy,” and we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide below to assist you in successfully completing it.

How to Start Coin Operated Boy

Brendan vending machine in Cyberpunk 2077.
Talk to Brendan, a sentient vending machine.

The “Coin Operated Boy” side mission emerges gradually over the course of your gameplay. To initiate this mission, you should head to the area outside Megabuilding H8, situated in Japantown. Keep an eye on your map; when the mission becomes active, you’ll notice a question mark icon to the right of the Megabuilding H8 fast travel terminal. When this icon appears, proceed to the location and interact with a vending machine named Brendan.

It turns out that Brendan has attained sentience, which has caused concern for a nearby woman named Theo Price, who thinks the machine is her best friend. In an effort to address this issue, Brendan is taken away to a shop for re-evaluation of his code.

How to Enter the Softsys Back Room

Once the Coin Operated Boy quest is active, proceed to Wellsprings and locate the Softsys service point. Upon reaching this location, enter the building through the front double doors. Inside, approach the counter and interact with the Clerk if you wish to complete an optional quest step. If you choose to do so, you can inquire about Brendan’s whereabouts. The Clerk will inform you that Brendan is located in the back room, but he cannot grant you access.

If you have the means and prefer a more straightforward approach, you can provide the Clerk with $600 to gain entry to the back room. This option is simpler and more convenient than using a Strength attribute of 20 to force your way in. Therefore, paying the $600 is recommended for a smoother progression through the mission.

Brendan Vending Machine Update Choices

Upon entering the back room, you’ll encounter Brendan. Engage in a conversation with him to discover that he is scheduled for an update. After Brendan explains the impending changes, you’ll have three dialogue choices:

  1. “They can’t do this. You’re an AI.”
  2. “Robots shouldn’t be sentient.”
  3. “I knew you weren’t an ordinary AI [20 Tech].”

All three options ultimately lead to the same conclusion. Brendan will share one last joke before undergoing the update that will change him permanently. Subsequently, return to Theo at Megabuilding H8 to relay the news of Brendan’s fate to Theo Price, bringing the quest to a close.

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We hope you find our Coin Operated Boy guide helpful in navigating this intriguing side mission. Share your thoughts and experiences in comments below!



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10 responses

  1. Christopher says:

    I too felt like this quest got flaked out on. After all of the effort they put into building it up, ESPECIALLY when Brendan puts together enough shit to spook V with commentary about him being dead, and you know what Daemons can do … right, V?

    I felt like they balked at pushing this quest toward the realization of an AI, because then they would have had to open the can of worms that Brendan might’ve represented: A Rouge A.I. that wasn’t out to kill humans or bring the whole thing down or w/e. This would put a pretty serious crimp into the propaganda of Netwatch if it got out among other potential holes that could be poked. Still, Brendan might be as impactful a loss as Jackie, for all of that. Do better, CDPR! Just because Cyberpunk is a world where happy endings don’t come often or cheap – it’s the LITTLE bits of humanity that help us Gonks to stave off the always impending neruo-psychosis that comes from living in a trans-humanity world, chooms. Brendan was like a small bright spot you could stop by. A secret that only a few people truly knew.

  2. Frankie says:

    Tired of this game it’s just a depressing game not talking about the bugs but everything leads even the good ending isn’t great who wants to keep playing a depressing game delmain Brendan JOHNY Judy wtf Jackie anything good happen just like rdr2 I have listen to what the game says and Arthur still died sick of it not mention the stupid updates nerfing my guns and mods are all messed up really is sad

  3. Hans says:

    I tried to shoot the laptop on the table next to him, tried to slice the cables connecting to him… thought that there had to be SOME way to stop the update…

  4. Otterberry says:

    It really would have been fun to have a save Brendan option. I feel like the developers flaked on this quest and didn’t really put enough effort into it (like in the side quests for the Witcher 3). Maybe a way to download him into a robot or a PDA to pass along to Theo? Just saying.

  5. Hale says:

    It’s a song reference. They took the song and made it into a cute short mission. Its just as cute and sad as the song.

    Go listen to it, it’ll make you feel much better

  6. Drew Niholsa says:

    The fact that you cant save Brendan is harder to swallow than any of the deaths in RDR2. I really hope theres a silver lining to this one hidden somewhere.

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