Cyberpunk 2077: Coin Operated Boy Guide

There are a number of side missions for players to complete in Cyberpunk 2077. Some of these side missions appear on your map while others take a little bit to emerge. One of the side missions that emerges is called Coin Operated Boy. To help you complete this side mission use our Coin Operated Boy guide below.

How to Start Coin Operated Boy

Image showing the Coin Operated Boy vending machine.

Coin Operated Boy is a side mission that emerges over the course of your playthrough. This mission starts outside of Megabuilding H8 in Japantown. When the quest is active you will see a ? to the right of the Megabuilding H8 fast travel machine. Each time the ? appears on your map head to this location and speak to the vending machine named Brendan there. Over the course of my playthrough I had a total of three interactions with the vending machine before the missions unlocked:

  1. Find Brendan talking to Theo.
  2. Brendan is getting tagged by an NPC.
  3. Brendan has been taken away and Theo tells you the news.

On the third encounter the Coin Operated Boy quest began after I finished speaking with Theo. Keep in mind I approached every interaction with the vending machine from a good perspective, so my dialogue choices reflected that (not sure if it matters for the mission unlock).

How to Complete Coin Operated Boy

Once the quest is active you need to make your way to Wellsprings to the service point, Softsys. At this location head inside the building through the front double-doors. Inside approach the counter and speak to the Clerk if you wish to knock out the optional quest step. If you go this route you can ask the Clerk where Brendan is and he will tell you it is in the back room. The clerk says he can’t let you in there. If you have the means you can give him $600 or use 20 Strength to gain access. $600 is the easier of the two so just pay the cash.

Brendan Vending Machine Update Choices

Image showing the Brendan Vending Machine Update Choices in Cyberpunk 2077.

Once you have spoken to the Clerk head to the back room. Here you will find Brendan. Speak to Brendan to learn he is set to be updated. After Brendan finishes telling you what’s going to happen you can decide what happens next. There are three choices to make here:

  • They can’t do this. You’re an AI.
  • Robots shouldn’t be sentient.
  • I knew you weren’t an ordinary AI [20 Tech].

All three of the choices lead to the end the same end result. Brendan will tell you one final joke before the update changes him permanently. After this joke head back to Theo at Megabuilding H8. Here you can tell here what happened to Brendan. Upon sharing the news the quest will end.

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5 responses

  1. Otterberry says:

    It really would have been fun to have a save Brendan option. I feel like the developers flaked on this quest and didn’t really put enough effort into it (like in the side quests for the Witcher 3). Maybe a way to download him into a robot or a PDA to pass along to Theo? Just saying.

  2. Hale says:

    It’s a song reference. They took the song and made it into a cute short mission. Its just as cute and sad as the song.

    Go listen to it, it’ll make you feel much better

  3. Drew Niholsa says:

    The fact that you cant save Brendan is harder to swallow than any of the deaths in RDR2. I really hope theres a silver lining to this one hidden somewhere.

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