Where to Find the Dev Room in Cyberpunk 2077

Inside the Developer Room in Cyberpunk 2077.

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is teeming with fascinating places for players to explore. These locales span from vibrant nightclubs to towering corporate skyscrapers. While the story mode incorporates many of these places, the open world holds a handful of hidden gems waiting for discovery. One such location pays homage to the developers behind the game. To uncover this secret spot, consult our “Where to Find the Dev Room in Cyberpunk 2077” guide, which will lead you to this special tribute location.

Developer Room Location in Cyberpunk 2077

Stairs leading down by Prefab City.
Go down these stairs by Prefab City.

To locate the concealed developer room, begin by heading to the northern area of Kabuki Market within Kabuki. You can use the Kabuki Market fast travel point if necessary. Once you’ve reached the northern section of the market, you’ll come across a shop known as “Prefab City.” Adjacent to this shop, you’ll notice a staircase leading downward. Descend the stairs to the street below.

Upon reaching the street at the base of the stairs, turn and walk in the opposite direction, leading you to a dead end. Here, you’ll encounter a closed garage equipped with a keypad. This is where you’ll start your journey to uncover the secret developer room in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Open the Developer Room

Locked shutters leading to the Developer Room.
Behind these shutters lies the Developer Room.

As you approach the door, Johnny will engage you in a conversation about opening it. To gain entry through this door, you must possess a specific key code. The correct key code for this door is 605185. To input the code, target the yellow keypad, activate it, and then enter the numbers using the input interface. After entering the correct code, select “OK.” When “unlock” appears on the keypad, press it to activate the Industrial Shutters, granting you access to the secret developer’s room.

What’s Inside the Developer’s Room in Kabuki Market

After successfully opening the door, step inside the room and take a seat on the couch. As you settle in, you’ll receive a prompt to turn on the TV. Follow the prompt to activate the television, and you’ll be treated to a display of various developer pictures on the large screen in front of you. While these images are showcased, Johnny will take out his guitar and serenade you with ambient music, creating a unique and immersive experience.

Although there may not be much else to discover in this room, it serves as a delightful nod to the talented individuals who contributed to the creation of Cyberpunk 2077. Johnny’s musical performance adds an extra layer of charm to this hidden gem.

This developer room is just one of the many hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered throughout Night City. If you’re eager to explore more secrets and discoveries you might have missed, don’t forget to consult our “5 Things You Missed in Cyberpunk 2077” guide, which can aid you in uncovering additional hidden gems and surprises in the game.

If you’ve had the chance to visit this room, we’d love to hear about your thoughts and impressions. Feel free to share your experiences and feedback on this fun and secret developer room in the comments below!



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  1. Redacted says:

    I’m literally standing at that very door right now and came here looking for the code and now that I have it I can’t even enter it into the keypad! I can interact with it, but not enter the numbers.

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    Can you find that code somewhere in game?

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