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You’ve probably seen Type: Null during your playthrough of Pokemon Sun and Moon and may be wondering how you get your hands on this frankenstein looking Pokemon, well I can help. Type: Null is considered a Synthetic Pokemon as it was basically assembled by the Aether Foundation from carious Pokemon parts. This type of crazy mutation science seems straight out of Jurassic Park and should lead to total destruction of everyone in Alola,  but it actually does bode well for you as a trainer. Given the usage of so many different parts, Type: Null is actually really strong. By now you are probably wondering where to get it so let me guide you to where catch Type: Null (sort of).

Where To Find Type: Null

Catch Type: Null

I put sort of in parentheses because you don’t actually catch Type: Null in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Instead you receive Type: Null by completing the main storyline. Once you have beaten the main story, including the Pokemon League, a bunch of powerful Pokemon will appear for you to catch around Alola. To get Type: Null, you will need to head back to the island that houses Aether Foundation’s research facilities.

Once on the island, head towards the elevator and take it to the second floor, which is the Conservation area. Get off the elevator and head straight. You will eventually come across Gladion who is chilling on a balcony. Head over to Gladion and talk to him. Being overjoyed with all your help throughout the story, he will give you Type: Null. Just make sure you have beaten the game and this rare Pokemon will be yours! This Pokemon is fairly powerful. So enjoy it!

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