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Everyone’s favorite shapeshifting Pokemon is back in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Ditto is easily the most important Pokemon for those of you who like to get down and dirty with breeding. Normally breeding requires a female and male Pokemon within the same compatible egg group, however Ditto is compatible with almost every Pokemon in the series regardless of gender, so it’s a good pokemon to have in your box. In order to breed Pokemon, head to the Paniola Ranch’s Pokemon daycare. Below is a short guide on where to find, and how to catch Ditto in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Where to Find Ditto

How to Catch Ditto


Ditto can be found on Ula’ula Island which is the third island in the Alola region. Ula’ula can be accessed after completing the Grand Trials on both Mele’mele and Akala Island (so you can travel there). In order to find Ditto’s spawn, head to Mount Hokulani. Head to the Hokulani Observatory via the bus stop on Route 10. Take the bus up to the observatory and immediately walk back down the mountain. On the paved road look for a break in the guard rail and a dirt ramp heading to a platform/cliff area with bushes all over. This is where you will find Ditto. Note that Ditto has a low spawn rate at around 10%, so it may take a bit of time (I lucked out and got Ditto on my third one).

Catching Ditto

When I caught Ditto, the Pokemon was level 28. As I had all my 40+ level Pokemon, I basically tanked and spammed ultra balls. This is the tactic I took, however there are a few more ones to consider. Ditto has low stats in general, so attacking can easily one shot. With this in mind bring a Pokemon who has False Swipe along and capturing this Pokemon becomes way easier. False Swipe cannot faint a Pokemon. This will get Ditto down to 1 hp, making the capture much easier. You could also bring along status effects like sleep or paralysis and use them to increase capture potential. Good luck!

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