BSL-4 Research Ward – Carrion Guide and Walkthrough

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When you start Carrion you will be inside a containment unit in the BSL-4 Research Ward. Once you’ve escaped the containment unit the game will begin. To help you get through this first level use our BSL-4 Research Ward guide below. Keep in mind this level is short and very linear so this guide is as well.

BSL-4 Research Ward Tutorial Guide

Image showing the start of the BSL-4 Research Ward level in Carrion.

As soon as the game starts you will need to escape the containment unit you are trapped in. On the screen there will be a button prompted you need to press a few times. Once you are free head to the right into the next room. Go through this next room so you reach he pipe in the right wall. Go through the pipe into the next room and head through the water into the pipe at the bottom of the screen.

Through the pipe you will arrive in a small pool of water where your progress will appear to be blocked. On the right side of this room there is a cage looking container blocking the path. Follow the prompts to pull the cage out of your path and continue heading to the right until you reach the second cage. Pull this one out of your way as well then head into the next room.

In the room with the bathroom you will see a human using the toilet. Pull the cages out of your way so you reach the human and grab them with your tentacle. Pull the human to the biomass to eat it which replenishes one tick of life. Once you’ve done this head up through the path in the ceiling that leads up and to the right.

Pull the Switch and Escape

Image showing the first hive in Carrion.

This next room is a large room with a number of humans. Defeat the humans (eat them) then head into the door on the right that you can ‘Squeeze In’. Inside this room use your tentacle to grab the switch so you can pull it down. This opens a previously locked gate in the room we were just in. Head back to the previous room and go up.

IMPORTANT: Remember the final room of the BSL-4 Research Ward. You must return to this room at the end of the game to beat Carrion.

The final room of BSL-4 Research Ward contains a Hive in the right corner. Go to the Hive and interact with it to save and open the gate in the middle of the room. Head through the gate that’s now open and go through it to reach the Frontier. This completes the first level of Carrion.

This is the first section of our Carrion guide and walkthrough. The guide takes you from the start of the game to the end and contains things like achievements, collectibles, and other useful posts. Check it out.

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