Borderlands 3: How to Unlock all Bloody Harvest Cosmetics

Do you smell that? That’s the smell of Halloween and seasonal game events. First up on the docket is the Borderlands 3 which is hosting its Bloody Harvest event as we speak. This event is in celebration of Halloween and takes players to the new area called Heck. On Heck there are new enemies to fight and cosmetics to collect. Below I will show you how to unlock all Bloody Harvest cosmetics in Borderlands 3. Let’s get started.

Note: all challenges referenced can be found here.

How to Unlock the Shrunken Head Weapon Trinket?

Image showing the Shrunken Head Weapon Trinket.

To unlock the Shrunk ‘n Dead weapon trinket you need to complete 4/15 Bloody Harvest challenges. Once you complete 4 you will unlock a red chest from the events screen which features the Shrunken Head weapon trinket.

How to Unlock the Bloody Harvest ECHO Device Skin HECKO-3?

Image showing the HECKO-3 Echo Skin.

There is a new Halloween themed Echo Device Skin for players to unlock. This skin called HECKO-3 that can be unlocked by completing a total of 8 Bloody Harvest Challenges.

How to Unlock the Bloody Harvest Character Skins?

Image showing the Bloody Harvest seasonal event character skins in Borderlands 3.
Image via Gearbox

Each Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3 has an unlockable Bloody Harvest skin. These skins all look similar and can be unlocked the exact same way. To unlock the new Bloody Harvest skins for each Vault Hunter you need to complete a total of 12 Bloody Harvest challenges.

How to Unlock the Global Weapon Skin?

Image showing the Ghoul Metal Grey weapon skin.

Complete all 15 of the Bloody Harvest challenges to unlock the new Weapon Skin called the Ghoul Metal Grey.

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